Battle Pass for COD Mobile Season 5: New Epic Weapons, Operators, and More


Season 5 of COD Mobile: In Deep Water will be released on June 29th, 2021 (UTC), and gamers will be able to play it after updating the game. Season 5’s Battle Pass will launch on the same day, allowing players to gain access to a variety of Epic rewards.

Activision has released more information regarding COD Mobile Season 5 with a Season 5 BP trailer, after the announcement of the theme and name for the upcoming season yesterday. The Season 5 Battle Pass will offer new operators and weapon designs to COD Mobile’s water-themed season.

COD Mobile Season 5: In Deep Water Battle Pass

COD Mobile Season 5: In Deep Water Battle Pass is as exciting as its name (Image via Activision)

Once the Battle Pass becomes available in-game, players can buy the same in exchange for COD Points to avail Premium BP rewards. The prices of the Premium Pass and Premium Pass Bundle will be revealed later. Gamers will have to grind hard in COD Mobile to gain BP XP and unlock Premium Pass tier rewards after they purchase the same.

Epic Weapon Blueprints (Premium Pass)

PP19 Bizon - Devilfish (Image via Activision)
  • BK57 – Counter Stealth Unit
  • QXR – Close Catch
  • DR-H – Rebreather
  • PP19 Bizon – Devilfish
  • CR-56 AMAX – Torpedo

Epic Characters (Premium Pass)

Upcoming Epic Operators in Season 5 Battle Pass (Image via Activision)
  • Merrick
  • Rorke – Man Hunter
  • Otter – Backstroke
  • Roze – Foreshadow.

Other rewards

  • Charm – Killer Whale
  • Backpack – Stock Up
  • ‘Swim Up’ emote
  • Calling Card – Eye of the Storm (Legendary item)
  • Avatar – Man Hunter
  • Frame – Sub-Aquatic

BP Bundle rewards

  • Calling Card – Wetworks
  • Karambit – Black Ice
  • Frame – Dark Freeze
  • Avatar – Ghosts

Free BP rewards

A K9 unit in MP Mode (Image via Activision)

  • New Operator Skill: a K9 Unit at Tier 14
  • New functional weapon: CR-56 Amax at Tier 21

There are almost three days left until the arrival of the new Battle Pass. In the meantime, players can grind hard to max out the Season 4 Battle Pass and claim rewards.

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