Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Garena Free Fire share five key commonalities.


Since Krafton published its Early Access edition on June 17th, Battlegrounds Mobile India has become the most talked-about topic on the internet. Following the release of the OB28 update, Free Fire’s active user base grew significantly.

Fans have already been pointing out parallels and contrasts between Battlegrounds Mobile India other famous BR titles like PUBG Mobile Lite, COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and others, as the game has made its way into the Indian Esports community.

Today, we’ll look at some of the key similarities between Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire in this article.

Similarities between Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire

1) The gameplay style

gameplay style

Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India have the same gameplay style. Both games are based on the battle royale genre, in which players descend on an island and compete to be the last guy standing.

However, the gaming mechanics change, with 100 players in BGMI and 50 players landing on an island in Free Fire. Free Fire has arcade-style gameplay as well, whilst Battlegrounds Mobile India has life-like realistic components.

2) Voice chat feature
Free Fire and BGMI both provide a voice chat option. It’s a fantastic feature that allows players to chat both in the queue and while playing.
It improves in-game communication and facilitates a better exchange of plans by allowing players to call for backups while in combat.

3) Royale Pass and Elite Pass

Royale Pass and Elite Pass

The Royale Pass and Elite Pass reward systems in Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire, respectively, are based on rank tiers.

Both of these rated passes require in-game currency to purchase. After completing the designated mission sets, players who have purchased the Royale Pass or Elite Pass will receive specific goodies.

4) Events
Free Fire isn’t complete without events. BGMI has just recently released, yet there are already numerous worldwide events and exclusive rewards to acquire in the game.

Indian holidays are frequently celebrated at Free Fire. Battlegrounds Mobile India, where BGMI will stage exclusive events for Indian gamers, is also expected to deliver.

5) In-game purchases

In-game purchases

In-game purchases are available in both Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India. These purchases are done with real money, which is then turned into in-game currency.

Diamonds are Free Fire’s in-game currency, while UCs are BGMI’s. In-game purchases can be made with diamonds and UCs.

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