Battlegrounds Mobile India vs Apex Legends Mobile: How different are the two games?


Battlegrounds Mobile India and Apex Legends Mobile are two popular battle royale games that have yet to have their ultimate editions launched. Players enjoy both games because of their thrilling gameplay and excellent graphics.

Many Android users were fortunate enough to be granted Early Access to the Battlegrounds Mobile India beta test. In India, Apex Legends Mobile beta testing came to an end on May 1st, 2021.

Battlegrounds Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile have some differences.

The following are the distinctions between Battlegrounds Mobile India and Apex Legends Mobile for players to consider:

1) Background

The backdrop of Battlegrounds Mobile India and Apex Legends Mobile is vastly different. The latter is more futuristic, and modern weaponry plays an important role.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, on the other hand, is very realistic. Players get to loot weapons from buildings and structures that are less animated.

Characters that are dedicated

Legends in Apex Legends Mobile (Image via UHD Wallpaper)

Legends are special characters in Apex Legends Mobile. Legends, who have unique skills that can be employed in battle royale matches, can be chosen by players.

There are no characters with special abilities in Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are two default characters: male and female, both of which can have their appearance modified to suit the user’s preferences.


If you’ve played Apex Legends Mobile, you’ll know that teamwork is a big component of the game. A player must join a three-person group with two other players before participating in battle royale encounters with a maximum of 20 groups (60 members).

Players in Battlegrounds Mobile India are not need to establish a group each time they wish to play a battle royale match. Mobile players can play solo, duet, or four-player squads.

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