Battlegrounds Mobile’s downloads in India have skyrocketed, making it the most popular game on the Google Play Store.


Battlegrounds Mobile India downloads have been soaring, propelling the game to the top of the Google Play Store in India. Following the prohibition, PUBG Mobile India has made a strong comeback.

For weeks, Battlegrounds Mobile India has monopolized the spotlight, and it is still refusing to let anyone else in. On July 2, Battlegrounds Mobile India was released for Android users. The Google Play Store has made the battle royale game available for download. The popularity of this PUBG Mobile competitor is so tremendous that it has already surpassed PUBG Mobile as the most popular free game on the Google Play Store in India. It had only been 24 hours after it had been released. After Garena Free Fire, Battlegrounds Mobile India became the highest-grossing game in the country. On the Google Play Store, the game has over 10 million downloads.

After the PUBG Mobile ban, it’s time to get back on your feet.

This reception for Battlegrounds Mobile India is unsurprising, given the game’s tremendous anticipation among Indian gamers. Following PUBG Mobile’s prohibition last year, Krafton announced the introduction of PUBG Mobile India, which will have personalized features for Indian customers as well as some adjustments. Battlegrounds Mobile India was the game’s final name. On May 18, Krafton began accepting pre-registrations for the game ahead of its official debut. For Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton claims it received 40 million pre-registrations. On June 17, Krafton made early access to the game available, attracting over five million people.

Battlegrounds Mobile is available for download in India.

The Google Play Store is where you can get BGMI. The game does not have an iOS version, and Krafton has yet to release one. Those who have the Battlegrounds Mobile India early access edition can simply update the game on the Google Play Store to play the official version. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Constable Set is also available for free, and it can be downloaded through the in-game events section. There’s also a gift prize for India ka Battlegrounds, as well as rewards for 1 million and 5 million downloads, all of which can be claimed until August 19.
Data transmission for PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile players will also be able to transfer data to Battlegrounds Mobile India, according to Krafton. However, this data transfer method will only be available until July 5. From July 6 until further notice, the service will be unavailable. The Battlegrounds Mobile India website has a list of all the data and things that can be exchanged by PUBG Mobile users.

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