Because of Covid’s success, 85 percent of gamers now prefer smartphones to PCs and consoles.


The gaming business in India is continuously expanding, and brands must figure out how to take advantage of this.

There is an ever-evolving contrast between how the game industry is set up in the west and how it is built up in the east, which has a big impact on how young developers approach design. The west places a premium on a game’s breadth, graphics, and features, whereas the east places a premium on detail and tends to lead with mechanics. The Indian gaming market, which is highly cluttered, is continually growing, with new trends coming every so often to shift the scene dramatically, but esports familiarity remains at only 31%.

According to a recent intracommunity poll performed in the aftermath of the extraordinary pandemic’s influence on the industry, the Indian gaming sector has experienced constant and steady development in comparison to pre-Covid days.

A total of 2,132 students, ranging in age from 17 to 24, participated in the survey. The major goals of the survey are to better understand the steady shift in gaming tastes, behavioural changes, and gaming habits that have become popular among Gen Z. The important leanings to understand the changed dynamics are as follows, based on the 1,222 females and 910 males who participated in the survey:

– Almost a quarter of users spend money to play fantasy games. With about 85 percent of users on mobile, it is one of the most popular gaming devices.
– Around 80% of players are casual or inexperienced. We can deduce from this that people play games because they are bored or because some games have managed to capture their interest.

– The most popular genres include board games, arcade games, battle royale games, and strategy games, because these games are simple to learn and understand, and they appeal to a wide range of TG.

– It has been shown that 14% of people spend more than $500 each year on gaming. According to the report, the majority of individuals are unwilling to spend money on games and prefer free-to-play games.

– When it comes to gaming, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms with the largest user base. According to the findings, the general audience prefers to utilize it as a platform for gaming tutorials, where they can watch their favorite YouTubers like as PewDiePie, Mortal, and CarryMinati, among others.

On both Android and iOS, PUBG and Call of Duty are the most popular games. According to the report, 10% of people have competed in tournaments for enjoyment or to earn money.

– Gaming has long been a passion for Gen Z, and sites such as YouTube and Discord have allowed them to supplement their income. Several headphone and joystick manufacturers have benefitted as well.

The number of people who play video games has increased as the quality of the games has gradually improved. The amount of detail available in today’s games allows players to immerse themselves in a different world filled with sights, sounds, tales, and interactive gameplay. Youth brands should study how they can optimize game marketing to suit their goals and take advantage of this growth and engagement. Targeting younger populations can help marketers enhance the effectiveness of their commercials. Marketers can segment their advertising efforts by understanding the games that men and women enjoy, as well as the industry dynamics.

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