Before Chrono and DJ Alok, these were the top 5 Free Fire characters.


Garena Free Fire was first published in 2017, and it has since been a huge hit in the Indian esports scene. DJ Alok and Chrono are two of the most well-known characters in the game.

Alok, a collaboration with DJ Alok Petrillo, was released in November 2019. Chrono debuted in December 2020, marking the start of a new official relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s most famous footballer.

Because of their powerful skills, both characters were immensely popular among players. Before these two, though, a number of other Free Fire characters were well-known and powerful.

Before Chrono and DJ Alok, there were other popular Free Fire characters.
5) Andrew

At his most basic level, Andrew has the passive ability Armor Specialist, which reduces vest durability loss by 2%. The vest’s durability drops by 12% at the maximum level (Level 6).

He is well-known for his strong defensive abilities, which come in handy during Clash Squad engagements.

4) Olivia


Olivia has the skill Healing Touch, which is a passive ability. Players that use her skill at its lowest level will gain an extra 30 HP for restoring their comrades. The skill’s maximum level increases the HP restoration to 70.

In team Ranked matches, Olivia’s skill is advantageous to the participants. During the early
days of the game, many players made use of her ability in team combat.

3) Maxim

Maxim in Free Fire

2) Miguel

Crazy Slayer is Miguel’s passive ability. At its base level, this skill allows him to get 30 EP after each kill. Miguel can gain 80 EP after each shot if he performs at his best.

Miguel is an excellent choice for both passive and aggressive players in Ranked team mode, as his skill provides an additional source of healing during fight. As a healer character, he was one of the better options.

1) Kla

Kla in Free Fire

Kla has a passive ability called Muay Thai, which increases fist damage by 100% at first level. The fist damage rises by 400% when upgraded to the highest level (level 6).

Kla’s ability to kill adversaries with a single hit with his fist was thought to be the most powerful back in 2018.

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