Best 3-Finger Claw layout in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)


All Battlegrounds Mobile India subscribers now have early access to the game. The game’s settings, which include sensitivity and control layouts, allow for a great deal of personalization.

A player can choose between a standard two-finger thumb setup, a three-finger claw layout, or even a four-finger claw setup for their control options. It assists gamers in playing the game at their own pace. The finest 3-finger claw arrangement for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) gamers is discussed in this post.

Best 3-Finger Claw layout in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

Players in Battlegrounds Mobile India have the option of customizing their control arrangement. Players will be able to explore more alternatives to improve their aim and accuracy in the game as a result of this. One of the most common control schemes in the game is the three-finger claw. It greatly aids players in improving their reaction time and reflexes. Players can increase their skill sets by adding shots like as crouch+shoot, jump+shoot, and prone+shoot, which are extremely tough to execute in a two-finger claw layout.

For Battlegrounds Mobile India players, the best 3-finger claw setup i

By going to their control settings in the game, players can copy the offered arrangement. Players who are transitioning to the three-finger claw layout should practice on the practice fields. It will aid in muscle memory development for the new controls. After that, they can improve their skills by practicing in Arena Training and other modes.

Settings for the 3-Finger Claw Layout’s Sensitivity:

In BGMI, the best sensitivity settings for 3-finger claw players

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