Best 5 ar guns and best 5 smg guns in garena free fire September 2021


In the article here we talk about best 5 ar guns and best 5 smg gun in garena free fire game.

Garena Players may pick from a large armory of weaponry in Free Fire, ranging from high damage to rapid rate of fire. We’ll look at the top 5 best AR weapons in Free Fire following the OB29 patch update in this article.

Choosing the appropriate weaponry for you in a mobile battle royale game is the most important step on the battlefield. With so many weaponry in its arsenal, Free Fire has a lot of options. There’s a risk you’ll pick the wrong pistol for yourself in this instance, and you won’t be able to win the game.

5 Best AR Guns In Free Fire


The M14 is one of the most powerful guns in free fire because of its high damage and long-range capabilities. It isn’t the greatest short-range weapon because SMGs and ARs shoot at a much faster pace. The M14-y is a new variation of the rifle with a unique attachment called “Rage Core.”

M14 Rage Core improves the fire rate while retaining high damage, allowing you to utilize the rifle in a more effective short-range manner. This in case make it the ideal gun for you to use on the battlefield in both long-range and mid to short range as well.


The Kingfisher is a relatively new addition to the game, having been introduced with the OB28 patch update. When compared to other ARs in the armory, the rifle possesses a high rate of fire, as well as excellent damage and armor penetration. For both Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes, the gun’s stats are extremely outstanding.


With strong damage and a rapid rate of fire, the AN94 is a great gun for intermediate and short range engagements in the AR genre. In medium range, it can still outperform most SMGs. The stats of the gun are as follows:

Rate of Fire: 58
Reload Speed: 45
Magazine: 30
Damage: 60
Range: 55
Accuracy: 48


The AK-47 is a powerhouse in the AR gun class, with significant damage and a fast rate of fire. When shooting this pistol, you must remain cool because the tremendous recoil makes spraying quite difficult. The gun has high stats the stats of the gun are as follows:

Rate of Fire: 55
Reload Speed: 41
Magazine: 30
Damage: 62
Range: 73
Accuracy: 41


The Groza remains the finest weapon in the game, since it has all of the strength of an AK without the disadvantages of heavy recoil. The gun’s only disadvantage is that it is not available in typical loot in the game.

It may be found in either the Airdrops or the special bounty treasure. The gun’s stats are as follows:
Rate of Fire: 56
Reload Speed: 48
Magazine: 30
Damage: 61
Range: 75
Accuracy: 54

Free Fire, a battle royale game produced by Garena, is one of the most popular battle royale games for both Android and iOS smartphones. In order to compete against opponents, the game provides a wide range of weaponry to employ on the arena. The participants are placed on a hidden island where they must find a way to survive in each 10-minute game. The game is won by the last person alive on the battlefield out of a total of 50 participants.

Top 5 SMG Weapons in Free Fire


In the SMG category, the CG15, which is created with futuristic technology, delivers the most damage. This weapon can deal 50 damage to enemies. Players can get their hands on the gun faster thanks to the increased range and rate of fire. In addition, gamers may equip the weapon with a magazine and a foregrip.

Damage: 50
Rate of Fire: 69
Range: 71
Reload Speed: 62
Magazine: 20
Accuracy: 60


When it comes to overall numbers, nothing beats the MP5 when it comes to fighting your opponents. Anywhere in the map, the MP5 SMG may be discovered. It is one of the most often utilized weapons in the game. Furthermore, this pistol has a consistent rate of fire and great effectiveness in mid-range battles.

Damage: 45
Rate of Fire: 76
Range: 41
Reload Speed: 77
Magazine: 48
Accuracy: 54


The P90 SMG, commonly known as the FN Project 1990, may be found in nearly every shooting game. This weapon has a rapid rate of fire and minimal recoil, which makes it ideal for usage. In addition, when compared to other guns, this one has the highest magazine capacity. The P90, on the other hand, isn’t the best choice for close-quarters combat.

Damage: 48
Rate of Fire: 75
Range: 27
Reload Speed: 48
Magazine: 50
Accuracy: 37.


The MP40 is the finest of the best, and when paired with the GROZA, you’ll be a lethal combination. You’ll blast everyone away with a 20-round magazine and an 83 rate of fire before they even realize you’re there. The damage is moderate at 48, and the reload speed is also moderate at 48.

The magazine is the only attachment available for this “submachine gun.” Although a scope would have been wonderful, you’ll have to make do with a 17 accuracy and a 22 range. This is the gun to use if you like SMGs, especially for close-range combat. The MP40 will assist both new and experienced players because it is compatible with any acceptable playstyle.


The Thompson gun is a modern submachine gun that fires SMG ammunition. With 50 damage points and a high rate of fire of 77, it is a powerful weapon. As a result, Free Fire Thompson has the game’s greatest rate of fire. Furthermore, the 42’s ammunition capacity is rather big, which contributes to the gun’s increased power. The ammo load of this gun is 48, pretty quick. Furthermore, one of the advantages of this pistol is that it can be used with a variety of accessories.

Furthermore, the level of precision is rather great (34 in short and medium-range and 33 in long-range). Unlike other SMGs, the Thompson is a more versatile weapon. This pistol may be fitted with a barrel, such as a silencer or compensator. This new weapon is currently only accessible in Class Squad mode. The developers of Garena haven’t brought it to ranked games.

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