Best character in free fire 2021 DJ ALOK, CR7 or K


On the Garena free fire, the player can choose from a variety of characters. In addition, the game’s new seasons include more new characters. Each of the free-fire figures has their own special abilities and abilities. Some characters, for example, are very adept at healing. Other characters, on the other hand, are the best at increasing movement and fire rate.

As a result, each character in the fire game excels at something and provides the players with a unique skill. But, among the 37 characters available, why do the majority of free fire players choose CR7, DJ ALOK, and K? Because some characters have a special skill that allows them to compress things faster than others.

However, let’s compare CR7, DJ ALOK, and K to see who the most powerful characters in free fire are.

Which is the powerful character among CR7, DJ ALOK and K in the free fire?


CR7 is the free fire’s super character. For a little moment, the CR7 character acts as a shield, shielding you from the bullet. The shield has a hit point of 600.
As a result, employing CR7 allows you to destroy your opponent early and without risk. What’s more, did you know? CR7 has a faster mobility speed than DJ ALOK and other free fire gaming characters (only if you activate the skill). The CR7 shield protects you from bullets but not grenades or punches.

As a result, when utilizing the health kit, repair kit toolbox in an open area, you should utilize the CR7 character.


In the free fire, DJ ALOK is another op character. Taking DJ ALOK in the match might help you improve your health. Also, during the match, this finest free fire character boosts your movement speed. To acquire booyah in the free fire, you can get more power from DJ ALOK. When you’re out of your element, DJ ALOK shines brighter than the rest of the cast. Because it aids in the improvement of your health and the speed with which you move.

The DJ ALOK persona is also ideal for close-range battles because of his healing abilities. Note that the DJ ALOK gives healing power for 10 seconds by 5 HP at the maximum level.


K is also one of the most popular characters in the free fire game. You can automatically gain 150 more power by employing K hero. This fantastic free fire figure functions similarly to a mushroom. If you use K, your EP conversion speed will improve by 500 percent, and you will gain 5 HP every second.

While fighting, you can employ K character outside of the zone.
As a result, strive to boost the EP of the K character because its power is tied to it. Finally, all of the characters are the best because of their unique abilities. However, DJ Alok is the most popular character in the free fire game 2021. Because it has a unique skill compared to other free fire heroes.

Free Fire is a popular mobile battle royale game with unique in-game elements that set it apart from other games in the genre. One of these aspects is the availability of characters with unique skills that players can use on the battlefield to their benefit. In Free Fire, there are now 35 characters. Except for Primis (previously Adam) and Nulla (formerly Eve), they all have unique skills in the game.

As part of the relationship, Free Fire launched a new character called Chrono and confirmed a collaboration with Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. With DJ Alok being one of the most popular characters in Free Fire, it’ll be interesting to see how his powers stack up against those of Chrono, who was recently added. This article analyzes and contrasts these two characters in Free Fire to see who is the better player.

Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe with the active ability Time-Turner, according to his description in Free Fire. He can construct a force barrier that can block 600 damage from opponents in his base level ability. While inside the force field, he can also shoot at opponents. The speed of movement is also increased by 15%. Allies within the force field gain a 10% increase in movement speed during skill activation, which lasts for 4 seconds. The ability has a 50-second cooldown. The movement speed of Chrono rises by 30%, while the movement speed of friends increases by 15% when they reach their maximum potential. All of the effects last 15 seconds and have a 40-second cooldown.

DJ Alok is now the most popular Free Fire character, but the addition of Chrono could swiftly change that. Chrono is a revolutionary character in Free Fire because he is one of the few characters in the game with so much strength. One of the finest skills in the game is his incredible ability to block 600 damage and enhance mobility speed. Consequently, despite the fact that DJ Alok is a popular favorite in Free Fire, Chrono is the best choice.

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