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On Sunday, July 11th, England will face Italy in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium.

Spain and Italy met in the first semi-finals, with the Azzurri defeating Luis Enrique’s team in a penalty shootout. Meanwhile, England defeated Denmark 2-1 in extra time to get to their first-ever Euro final.

With just four teams featuring and one window to make substitutions, Euro Fantasy managers didn’t have a great Matchday. None of the teams kept a clean sheet, and with just five goals scored by four teams, there wasn’t much scope for attacking points.

I managed a decent 38 points, thanks to a goal from Mikkel Damsgaard and a clean sheet from Emerson, who was subbed off before Spain scored.

The final will be a completely different proposition than what we’ve seen over the first six Matchdays. With five free transfers available and at least 6-7 players playing in the final for almost every team, Euro Fantasy managers should set up their sides with freedom.

Considering that this is the last round, it’s better to pick the teams based on who we think will win because a neutral (5-6) team isn’t likely to yield that many points. With just eleven players required and lineups available before the match, this round becomes more like a Dream11 challenge.

Euro Fantasy managers have a lot to think about before making their final transfers for the round. All changes should be made before kickoff on Sunday night.

Deadline for Transfers: 07:00 PM (GMT) on Sunday, 11th July/ 00:30 AM (IST) on Monday, 12th July.

Euro 2020 Matchday 7 Fixture

England will go up against Italy in the final of Euro 2020 on Sunday, 11th July, at the Wembley Stadium in London.

Team Suggested for Euro Fantasy 2020 Matchday 6

The team suggested for Euro 2020 Matchday 6.

Goalkeepers: Unai Simon (ESP) (£5.3m) and Jordan Pickford (ENG) (£5.8m)

Defenders: Emerson (ITA) (DEF) (£5.5 m), Joakim Maehle (DEN) (£4.9 m), John Stones (ENG) (£5.8 m), Harry Maguire (ENG) (£5.6 m), and Jordi Alba (ESP) (£6.3 m).

Midfielders: Ferran Torres (MID) (ESP) (£8.3m), Marco Verratti (MID) (ITA) (£6.8m), Raheem Sterling (MID) (ENG) (£9.8 m), Mikkel Damsgaard (MID) (DEN) (£6.3 m), and Lorenzo Insigne (MID) (ITA) (£8.6m).

Forwards: Harry Kane (ENG) (£11.6 m), Ciro Immobile (FWD) (ITA) (£10.2m), and Mikel Oyarzabal (ESP) (£7.8 m).

Total Points: 324

Overall Rank: 96,502.


1) OUT: Ferran Torres (MID) (ESP) (£8.3m), IN: Mason Mount (MID) (ENG) (£7.3 m)

2) OUT: Harry Maguire (ENG) (DEF) (£5.7 m), IN: Giovanni Di Lorenzo (ITA) (DEF) (£5.2 m)

3) OUT: Joakim Maehle (DEN) (DEF) (£5.1 m), IN: Giorgio Chiellini (ITA) (DEF) (£6.0 m)

4) OUT: Jordi Alba (ESP) (DEF) (£6.3 m), IN: Luke Shaw (ENG) (DEF) (£6.3 m)

5) OUT: Unai Simon (ESP) (£5.3m), IN: Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK) (ITA) (£5.8m)

Best Fantasy Team for Euro 2020 Matchday 7

Suggested team for Euro 2020 Matchday 6.

Goalkeepers: Jordan Pickford (ENG) (£5.9m) and Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK) (ITA) (£5.8m)

Defenders: Emerson (ITA) (DEF) (£5.5 m), Giorgio Chiellini (ITA) (DEF) (£6.0 m), John Stones (ENG) (£5.9 m), Giovanni Di Lorenzo (ITA) (DEF) (£5.2 m), and Luke Shaw (ENG) (DEF) (£6.3 m).

Midfielders: Mason Mount (MID) (ENG) (£7.3 m), Marco Verratti (MID) (ITA) (£7.0 m), Raheem Sterling (MID) (ENG) (£9.9 m), Mikkel Damsgaard (MID) (DEN) (£6.5 m), and Lorenzo Insigne (MID) (ITA) (£8.7m).

Forwards: Harry Kane (ENG) (£11.7 m), Ciro Immobile (FWD) (ITA) (£10.2m), and Mikel Oyarzabal (ESP) (£7.8 m).

Since it’s the final, there’s not much to lose for Euro Fantasy managers who are looking to rise up the rankings.

I’ve favored Italy for the win and will have four players from England and seven from the Azzurri for this match. John Stones (ENG) (£5.9 m) will stay on the bench, while Raheem Sterling (MID) (ENG) (£9.9 m) will play as my fifth midfielder in place of Mikel Oyarzabal (ESP) (£7.8 m)(as shown in the picture).

This match could be similar to the Italy vs Spain one, with England having more of the possession. However, Italy’s defense looks solid, and despite England playing more attacking football in the knockout stages, it’s a tough ask to breach the Azzurri.

Marco Verratti (MID) (ITA) (£7.0 m) is likely to be at the heart of Italy’s attacking plays and could get an assist. With both teams likely to set up more defensively, goals could be hard to come by.

Mason Mount (MID) (ENG) (£7.3 m) is my differential pick (18% owned) from England for this round. While Luke Shaw (ENG) (DEF) (£6.3 m), Harry Kane (ENG) (£11.7 m), and Raheem Sterling (MID) (ENG) (£9.9 m) have high ownership, Mount’s energy and work rate could be crucial to England’s chances of scoring, and he could be involved in their goals.

I’ve got four defensive Italian players with the hope of a clean sheet from them. Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK) (ITA) (£5.8m) is my preferred pick over Jordan Pickford because Italy should face more shots on goal than England, and he could get some save points.

So, all in all, I’m pretty pleased with this team. It is hinging on an Italy win, but that’s how it should be in these kinds of knockout matches. It’s about predicting the result before selecting the players, and even if England beat Italy, I won’t really mind that my punt didn’t work out.

There could be some last-minute changes based on England’s starting XI, with Jack Grealish (MID) (ENG) (£7.9 m) an appealing option if he starts. Otherwise, I’m likely to stick with the core of this team.

Captaincy Options

Can Raheem Sterling cap off his fantastic Euro 2020 with another match-winning performance?

Sunday, 11th July: Lorenzo Insigne (MID) (ITA) (£8.7m) vs ENG, Emerson (ITA) (DEF) (£5.5 m) vs ENG, or Raheem Sterling (MID) (ENG) (£9.9 m) vs ITA.

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