Best Free Fire character combos with Chrono for quickly raising K/D ratio


Chrono is one of the main characters in Garena Free Fire, and he initially appeared in the game in December 2020. Time Turner is his ability, and it’s an excellent pick for individuals who prefer to play aggressively on the battlefield.

The ability produces a force field around the player, preventing foes from doing 600 damage. Additionally, after activation, the movement speed improves by 10%. The duration of these two effects is five seconds, followed by a 220 second cooldown.

Here are a few characters that may be combined with Chrono to easily raise the K/D ratio in the game.

Which character combinations work best with Chrono to boost the K/D ratio in Free Fire?

3) Chrono + Antonio + Kla + Moco

Antonio (Image via Free Fire)

Antonio: The Spirit of a Gangster Moco: Hacker’s EyeKla: Muay ThaiKla: Muay ThaiKla: Muay ThaiKla: Muay ThaiK

Antonio has a special ability called Gangster’s Spirit, which boosts his health by 35 points at the start of each round. The users will have 235 HP as a result of this.

Kla (Image via Free Fire)

Kla, on the other hand, has a skill called Muay Thai. When the users equip him, their fist damage increases by 400%, assisting them in knocking down adversaries.

Moco (Image via Free Fire)

After the users shoot an adversary, the last piece of this combination, Moco, tags them for five seconds. The colleagues are also shown the position of the identified enemy.

2) Chrono + D-bee + Dasha + Shirou

D-bee (Image via Free Fire)

Bullet Beats by D-bee Shirou: Damage DeliveredShirou: Partying On

D-bee is an excellent rushing character because his Bullet Beats ability enhances movement speed and accuracy by 15% and 35%, respectively. This is only true when the user is shooting while moving.

Dasha (Image via Free Fire)

Dasha lowers fall-related damage and recuperation time by 50 percent and 80 percent, respectively. Additionally, it reduces maximum recoil and recoil accumulation by 10%.

Shirou (Image via Free Fire)

Shirou’s ability marks the user for six seconds if an enemy within an 80-meter range hits them. The initial shot on the relevant tagged opponent boosted armor penetration by 100%. Damage Delivered has a ten-second cooldown.

1) Chrono + Jota + Jai + Luqueta

Jota (Image via Free Fire)

Jai: Raging ReloadLuqueta: Hat TrickJota: Sustained RaidsJai: Raging ReloadLuqueta: Hat Trick

As players equip Jota, the Sustained Raids ability is activated, and health is replenished when users use guns to hit foes. When an enemy is knocked down, 20 percent of their health is regenerated.

Jai (Image via Free Fire)

The participants in Jai’s Raging Reload must knock down a foe. After they do so, their weapon’s magazine is automatically replenished by 45 percent. It’s worth noting that this only applies to AR, SG, SMG, and Pistols.

Luqueta (Image via Free Fire)

With each kill, Luqueta increases the players’ maximum health by 25 to 50 percent. Gamers will get 250 HP after securing two kills in a match.

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