Best gun combos in COD Mobile Season 4


In COD Mobile Season 4, players have a multitude of gun combinations to select from. Players are spoilt for options, with each combination containing unique qualities and benefits.

Spurned & Burned, Activision’s fourth season of COD Mobile, was launched on May 26th, 2021, with a Wild West theme. Clan Wars, Battle Pass, a new map, an upgraded Multiplayer Mode, and many more exciting new features are included in the game.

The game has even altered the numerous weapons and their kinds. Several LMGs in the game shine at long range but are less usable at close-to-medium range.

It’s wonderful to see the game becoming better, but there’s one major drawback to all of these upgrades. Players will now need to make modifications to their previously trusted loadouts because they no longer pack the same punch as before.

Best gun combinations to use in COD Mobile Season 4

The vertical recoil of the AS VAL may be reduced by using the rear grip. Vertical recoil may be used by players to achieve damage multipliers and land headshots. It is an excellent pick due to its lethal hip-fire accuracy and headshot damage.

Strikers will undoubtedly wreak havoc on the battlefield with their formidable loadout, which comes fully packed with all of the greatest attachments.

#2 KRM-262 + PP19 Bizon

When it comes to shotguns, the KRM-262 is an outstanding choice. It has a narrow spread and a wide range. The shotgun has remarkable one-shot potential at close-to-medium range.

The PP19 Bizon was added in the previous season and is one of the greatest SMGs in the game. The PP19 Bizon’s magazine size is an advantage because it also functions as an LMG. It gives players movement and agility during the game.

#3 QQ9 Sirgun + Echo

Players who can master the QQ9 Sigrun can excel in battle in a more effective way. On COD Mobile, the gun is blazing fast, and if equipped with a no stock and a rear grip, it can fire in all ranges.

The Echo is suited for gamers that frequently participate in close-quarters combat. It is a self-loading shotgun that deals a lot of damage.

The AK-47 has long been revered in the COD Mobile community, and it remains one of the greatest firearms in the game.

The AK-47 is outstanding at dealing lethal blows to opponents, and it has now been improved with increased damage at longer ranges. This is a must-have weapon for every COD Mobile player’s loadout.

A Locus Sniper rifle would be perfect for sharpshooters because it has a high damage output and is very accurate. This weapon was included to the initial Season 2 update for COD Mobile and has since dominated the battlefield.

#5 M4 LMG + QXR

Light-machine guns have seen the most drastic modifications in Season 4. All of the weapons in this class have undergone significant changes and upgrades. However, choosing the best one is difficult due to the vast number of options available. The M4 LMG appears to be the go-to option in this class right now.

This gun can also be used to supplement other weapons. It has received a number of modifications that make it significantly more usable at close and medium ranges.

Sub-machine guns give greater mobility in the newest season of COD mobile, making them the ideal weapon option for a run-and-gun strategy. They give better accuracy at greater ranges.

The QXR SMG has gone through several modifications, making it a good SMG choice for gamers and a fan favorite.

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