Best Guns in Pubg Mobile September 2021


In this article we will talk about the best guns of Pubg game and how to use them.

The focus of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is clearly on perfecting the finest PUBG weaponry. Each of the game’s various weaponry is designed for a blend of semi-realism and terrifying lethality. While any weapon can score you a kill in PUBG, obtaining that chicken meal will need learning the details of all the finest PUBG firearms, including which scopes are ideal, which ammo each one requires, and more. There’s a lot to learn about shotguns, from room-clearing shotguns to sniper weapons that can blast the wings off a fly from hundreds of meters away, and we’ve got you covered.


This LMG is a force to be reckoned with, especially against enemy vehicles, but it may also be used against soldiers. It’ll only be found in a supply box, but the risk is worth it.

It’s the ultimate “holdout” weapon, with 990 and 660 RPMs that can be toggled between, as well as a bipod for extra stability when playing defensively. The magazine holds 75 bullets, but you’ll be able to choose your shots thanks to the option to employ a 6x scope.

The pistol does have a propensity to recoil without the bipod, but if you can position yourself under cover, you can easily take out half of the competitors in a tournament.

Decoy Grenade

Decoy grenades are a new sort of throwable weapon Decoy Grenade:that simulate firing noises to entice opponents in or cover your own retreat, are a new feature. These endure for 10 seconds, which is quite a long time.

It’s only accessible in Sanhok, but it’s great for drawing an enemy’s attention away from you so you may flee for shelter. You may even “cook” the grenade to control how soon it detonates.


In most cases, nothing beats an M4 when it’s fully loaded with attachments. It can provide substantial damage and has some of the most manageable recoil for those who prefer to spray. It’s not the finest at range, but it’s better than a lot of other alternatives and one of the best all-around guns on the market. A M4 should be at the top of your wish list if you have the accessories.


The AKM has the most single shot damage of any common assault rifle, making it ideal for anybody who can reliably hit headshots. Anyone who isn’t wearing a level three helmet will be taken out in two bullets to the face, so with single fire mode and a good scope, you’ll be popping heads all day. It’s a fantastic idea to use the AKM as a single-shot backup AR or as a pseudo sniper. It’s not a good idea to rely on it to spray at medium range.


Despite being an AR, some argue that the M16 is the finest sniper rifle in the game with an 8x scope. For a while, that was probably closer to the truth than reality, but the M16 took a beating with the 1.0 upgrade and the Xbox One launch version. It can’t carry an 8x anymore, and several of the stats have been altered. Nonetheless, it’s still a fantastic game, especially if you have a quick trigger finger. Its burst mode is either something you love or something you despise, but no one can dispute how powerful it is in single shot mode.


The SCAR is a contentious weapon, but there’s no denying that it’s excellent at shooting down enemies at close to medium range. It may not be on the same level as the M16 or AKM as a single fire weapon, but if you want to auto fire, this is a nice choice if you don’t have acces to an M4. It is usually a solid decision to choose one over many other weapons in the current meta of running double AR.


The Vector is a machine when it comes to raw damage up close, but using it without an extended mag is a poor idea. If you don’t strike a significant part of them, the 13 bullets will run out in a flash, leaving you stranded. With an extended magazine and a few additional accessories, this weapon becomes one of the greatest close-range weapons available, so keep a look out for one. Short range isn’t your buddy if the blue circle is plainly heading for an open region.


The UMP is maybe the greatest all-around SMG; it’s good up close, but unlike most other SMGs, it can also inflict damage at medium range. The main benefit is that it uses 9mm ammunition, which is so plentiful that you’d be hard pressed to find fewer than 100 in every game. This is usually a good secondary weapon choice, and it can even be used with a sniper.


If you’re going to play in a city, the S12K is your best buddy. Despite being a shotgun, it has an incredibly fast rate of fire, and the damage output will force anybody foolish enough to approach you within 15 yards fall to the ground instantaneously. You can easily run this in duos and squads if you can acquire an extended mag, however it is obviously terrible in open spaces.


In single games, the S686’s twin barrels may be a powerful weapon. Your opponents have no chance if you hit both shots at close range, but if you come across a group of people, you will lose the fight. When utilizing this, you must be confident in your abilities, since one missed shot might mean devastation. In most cases, the S12K is the safest alternative.


The fact is that outside of the first minute, you won’t want to use a handgun at all. When you have something greater, the gun is almost forgotten. That is, until you come upon a P18C. The game’s lone autofire pistol packs a punch, and with a longer magazine, it may be quite handy for taking down structures. You shouldn’t use it all the time, but if you come across one, it’s always worth picking up.


The Kar98k is by far the strongest common sniper rifle in terms of raw damage, but the bolt action needs a lot of time and adjustment to strike many shots in a succession. However, if you can hit headshots, you can one-shot anyone wearing a level one or two helmet, making it extremely useful. The Kar98k becomes very devastating and one of the finest weapons in the game when equipped with a decent scope.

Mini 14

The Mini 14 is without a doubt the greatest all-around sniper rifle. With a decent scope, it can provide long-range damage, but it can also be employed up close if necessary, owing to fast firing rates (if you have a good trigger finger). The damage isn’t great, but you should be able to strike a few shots in a row with ease. If you don’t already have a Kar98k or a sniper from an air drop, the Mini is a tier one weapon that you should always consider.


In most ways, the SKS falls between between the Mini and the Kar98k. The firing rate isn’t spectacular, and neither is the damage, but it’s better than the Kar and better than the Mini. If neither of the other top-tier snipers is available, the SKS is always a good choice, although it’s occasionally preferable to run double AR than take this up; it all depends on how you want to play. If you have a decent scope and prefer to sit back, go with the SKS; if you want to be more aggressive and play at closer range, go with the AR.


All of the air drop weapons are fantastic choices that you should use whenever you get the opportunity, but the AWM is without a doubt the greatest and most powerful rifle in the game. Even if they’re wearing a level three helmet, the AWM will one-shot everyone if you strike them in the head. Even with a level two vest, it only takes two hits to knock someone out. If you can locate one, there’s no reason not to use it, even if it may seem a little overpowering. Although best of luck hitting shots if you don’t have any kind of optic to put on it, that iron sight is horrific.


The M249 isn’t for the faint of heart. It can rip through any opponent and blow apart a vehicle in a couple of seconds with a 100 round clip of 5.56 ammunition. Spray and pray is the name of the game here, and as long as you have some amount of precision, picking up kills at close and medium range becomes laughably simple. Of course, you must keep an eye on ammo levels, but even with just 100 ammo (which you should find with it), it is worthwhile to run, if only for the sheer pleasure of firing it.

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