Best place to use landmine in free fire ranked game


In the free fire game land mine grenade use is very important. Here we discuss how to use land mine grenade in free fire rank match.

In rated matches, do you employ landmine? And do you know where you should plant a landmine to kill enemies in open combat? Most players, on the other hand, neglect to employ landmine throughout matches.

The free fire landmine is a concealed explosive that detonates with a large boom, surprising the opponent. The activation time is three seconds. The landmine is one of the most effective free-fire weapons for dealing greater harm to the opponent. You can also kill an adversary without taking any risks by employing a landmine.

In free fire squad, solo, and duo mode, the landmine can be utilized. However, because there is no knock in single mode, you receive the best effect of landmine. Many gamers, however, do not pick up landmines owing to storage issues. However, that is the incorrect option.

Because there is a storage issue, you should not keep landmines for an extended period of time. Instead, you should put them to their greatest use as soon as possible after picking them up. So, in the free fire game, we’ll talk about the 7 ideal places and situations to use land.

In a standard ranked battle of free fire, the best circumstance and spot to fit a landmine

Airdrop strategies

In a rated match, airdrop is the ideal circumstance to deploy landmine. If your surroundings have deteriorated, detonate a landmine and flee. Leaving the spoils to your adversary. Because if your opponent arrives for airdrop loot, he will be surprised by your landmine surprise and perish there. So, in a free fire rated battle, this method is a more effective approach to kill your opponent with a landmine.

On the top floor

Another good place to put a free fire landmine is on the top floor. You get to run onto the balcony the majority of the time. So you must have a strategy to employ landmine at such moment, because enemies on the upper floor find it tough to notice landmine. Furthermore, your landmine will not fail you due to its modest size.

Enemy loot box

Your other opponent waits for the treasure box after you kill the enemy. Place the landmine mear in the treasure box in such case. They’ll take to the air with the land mine detonation.

behind gloo wall

When your adversary notices you and rushes on you, you should utilize the free fire landmine. To begin, quickly switch the Gloo wall. Use the landmine to detonate the landmine around the Gloo wall. Get out of the area and find a new hiding spot. So, in a free fire rated battle, don’t forget to employ landmine with Gloo wall.

Place near big loot.

The ideal strategy is to activate the landmine near the heavy foot like a vest, Amo, or the helmet. Because treasure will draw your opponent’s attention away from the landmine you’re pacing.

Use in the infobox and jump pads.

In the free fire, each player utilizes the infobox and jump pad. A jump pad is a device that allows you to leap or fly from one location to another. It is used by the player to travel to a safe zone.

The next zone of the battleground is displayed in an Infobox. Also, at any point on the map, you’ll see an infobox. As a result, there are always fo opponents in the infobox and jump pad. So, place a landmine there and wait for the magic to happen.

Use in four-wheeler

In the Free fire rated matches, every player drives a vehicle. And it’s up to you to get in the automobile and plant the landmine on top. It’s a little tough to use a landmine at this location, but it’s better if you can.

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