Best ways to acquire free diamonds in 2021 on Free Fire


Garena’s Free fire has become one of the most popular battle royale games in recent times and is well known for its diamonds and in-game currency. It is often used to unlock weapons and pets along with character cosmetics. In order to get diamonds, players will need to pay real money to purchase them from the store. With these diamonds, players can unlock characters, elite passes, and several modified and upgraded weapon skins. However, there are a few ways in which players can acquire these diamonds for free.

Tricks to earn free diamonds in Garena’s Free Fire

#1 Giveaways

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Free Fire streamers on social media and YouTube organize multiple giveaways and most of the time the prizes awarded are incredibly attractive. Participating in such events can be useful to earn diamonds. However, it all depends on the player’s luck as dozens of mobile gamers enroll for the same.

Several social media pages and YouTube channels host daily giveaways. The main intention being to attract a gaming audience to get clout and in return reward them with diamonds. Once they announce their giveaways, players can participate and win rewards like diamonds and much more.

#2 Custom rooms or tournaments

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Playing in custom rooms or tournaments also helps players get free diamonds Several organizations hold daily custom rooms and tournaments at different intervals, rewarding winners with diamonds or cash prizes.

It is a great way for players to improve their skills as they are competing with other players who are equally good at the game. Players with a good skillset can participate in these rooms or tournaments and win diamonds to get their elite passes and unlock some really exciting stuff.

#3 In-game events

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Free Fire offers a plethora of in-game events through which players can earn diamonds. Once completed, the players will be credited with a certain amount of diamonds. These in-game events can be quite challenging and demand a highly skilled player. New players may find it difficult at times.

#4 Google Opinion Rewards app

Google Opinion Reward Application (Image via mobilesyrup)

By downloading the Google Opinion Rewards app, players can also earn a few diamonds. The is one of the easiest and most genuine ways to earn real money. Upon completion of the surveys given by the Google Opinion Rewards app, users can earn real money.

Players can download the application from the Google Play Store and complete surveys to earn a Google Play credit amount. They can then use the play credits to get diamonds from the in-game store. The surveys do contain a list of questions and are often easy to answer. Other applications like Easy Rewards also help in earning Google Play credit.

To download Google Opinion Rewards, click here.

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