Beware! Your data may be sent to servers in China by Battlegrounds Mobile India – Examine the specifics.


The Battlegrounds Mobile game will be released in India soon, possibly in the next weeks. It appears that game maker Krafton is already in difficulties, even before the official release. Is Battlegrounds Mobile on the verge of being banned? Details can be found here.

The Battlegrounds Mobile game is slated to launch in India soon, probably in the coming weeks. Battlegrounds Mobile India’s release date has not yet been revealed. The game’s beta version is now available for everyone to download; simply go to the Google Play store to do so. While the Battlegrounds Mobile India beta edition was only released a few days ago, it appears that game developer Krafton is already in difficulties.

Battlegrounds Mobile India security concerns
Battlegrounds Mobile India, according to a new revelation from IGN India, is transmitting user data to servers in China. According to the study, one of the servers to which the data is being transferred is located in Beijing. Tencent is also said to be running these servers, according to the article. User device data is also routed to Tencent’s Proxima Beta in Hong Kong, as well as Microsoft Azure servers in the United States, Mumbai, and Moscow.

The claims stated in the latest report contradict what Krafton said at the time of the game’s announcement earlier this year. IGN India noticed that the data was being transmitted to China Mobile Communications Corporation in Beijing using a data sniffer program. Tencent also ran a couple of businesses, including QCloud and Anticheat Expert, according to the report.


Krafton ensures privacy and security of data

Krafton stated that privacy and security are his top priorities when unveiling the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. User data is held in Indian servers, according to Battlegrounds Mobile India’s terms of service page. One of the new agreements, however, indicates that it may send data to foreign countries to comply with “legal requirements.”

The Indian government has previously banned PUBG Mobile in the nation due to data security concerns. Ministers and other officials are pressing PM Modi to prohibit the Battlegrounds Mobile India game from being played in India for the same reason. According to a recent report, the IT minister will not be allowed to prohibit the use of an unreleased app. So, whether or not action will be done will depend on when the game is officially released in the country, which appears to be a few weeks away.

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