Call of Duty Mobile and Garena Free Fire, according to PUBG Mobile players, could be great alternatives


In the evening of September 2, UBG Mobile was banned in India, along with 117 other apps. The ban on PUBG Mobile, like the Indian government’s ban on TikTok, which took effect on June 29, has harmed a big community of people who have turned to gaming professionally as a result of the game. They include players who became pros and began competing in tournaments and appearing in broadcasts of the game on popular streaming platforms, many of whom are still in educational institutions. As gamers have described it, the prohibition has taken away the source of their financial success and renown over the last few years.

According to News18, the ban “puts to rest the dreams of professional PUBG Mobile players” in India. Animesh Agarwal, who represented India in the finals of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 in Thailand with his team 8bit, says the ban “puts to rest the dreams of professional PUBG Mobile players” in India. “PUBG Mobile turned me into ‘8bit Thug,'” he says, referring to Agarwal’s popular character in the game. The adventure is indescribable; it has changed my life. Since mid-2018, I’ve been living this dream.”

According to Agarwal, the success of PUBG Mobile helped him find his current footing. “(PUBG) has made me a self-assured individual who is recognized and represented all over the world.” It gave me my individuality on a scale that nothing else could possible have provided. It (PUBG Mobile’s rise and boom) is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen, and I don’t expect it to happen again on the same scale,” he says. Since beginning as a professional PUBG Mobile gamer, Agarwal has gone on to build his own professional e-sports team, which he refers to as the “8bit Thug.”

The restriction on PUBG Mobile has had a significant impact on other professional gamers, including Agarwal. Yogesh ‘Roxx’ Yadav, the in-game leader (kind of team leader) of PUBG Mobile team GXR Celtz, is one of these players. The latter, who won the PUBG Mobile Premier League – South Asia (Season 1), was one of the professional teams that saw fringe or casual gamers achieve global success. “Thousands of other pro PUBG gamers have worked hard, day and night, to create a life out of e-sports, and the (PUBG Mobile) ban has broken our aspirations,” Yadav tells News18. I chose e-sports over school as a career, but I’ll have to return to traditional studies in order to graduate.

Yadav has had a lot of success with PUBG Mobile in a short period of time. Yadav was named his team’s best player of the game, and since turning pro, he and his squad have acquired support and affiliation from Galaxy Racer, a UAE-based e-sports organization. With the ban in effect in India, Yadav faces the possibility of having his achievements in the game on a worldwide scale undone. “I started out playing for fun, but when I realized I could make a livelihood doing it, I took it seriously.” It also taught me responsibility because, thanks to the game, I began working for an international organization (Galaxy Racer, his team’s sponsor),” he adds.

If the prohibition remains in place, Yadav feels it will be the end of the road for many ambitious gamers in India. 8bit’s owner Agarwal, on the other hand, is more upbeat about the future of professional gaming and e-sports in India. “It may be the end of PUBG Mobile for the time being, but not the end of gaming, or even mobile gaming,” he says. I am confident that games like Call of Duty Mobile and Garena Free Fire will witness increased activity and have a stronger impact in our country, especially now that the gaming tone has been created.”

“Whether the game is PUBG Mobile or not shouldn’t matter,” argues Agarwal. As he summarizes, the following few months will reveal whether other titles like Call of Duty Mobile and Garena Free Fire can achieve the same level of success as PUBG Mobile.

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