Chapter 2 of the Pubg Mobile All-Talent Championship, with some prizes


Finally, Pubg mobile update 1.5 added Chapter 2 of the talent championship. You may be aware that the All Talent Championship is a remastered and updated version of the game’s original crew challenge events. So, in the previous chapter, you had a lot of fun with the all-talent competition and received a lot of goodies, but do you know what’s new in this chapter? Let’s talk about it.

What’s new in Pubg mobile all talent championship chapter 2?

The regulations and registration system are the same as in the previous chapter. However, you may now use talent coins to obtain certain new awards in all of the latest talent championship chapters.

  • 10 Room cards for one use.
  • 20 supply crate coupon scrap.
  • 20 Classic crate coupon scrap
  • 100 silver fragments
  • 100 Trai
  • Permanent and temporary pan skin
  • QB2 gun skin for permanent and temporary.
  • Urban stroll set for permanent and temporary.
  • Permanent trench coat
  • Stained soul- M416 skin for Permanent
  • Sun disciple set for permanent.
  • All talent championship exclusive crates.
  • And superagent set and glasses for permanent.

Yes, Chapter 2 introduced a slew of new rewards, but obtaining talent coins is simple.

Rules are

As a rule, the player must obtain more points and a higher rank.

Players can only compete in the all-talent tournament as part of a team, and they can only play matches in TPP mode in the Erangle. The All-Talent competition is broken down into weekly matches: semi-finals, playoffs, and the final round. The team advances to the next phase, although the outcome of the previous phase will determine it. When will the Pubg Mobile All-Talent Championship end? It began on July 3 and will conclude on September 5. As a result, don’t forget to assemble a strong team to compete in the tournament.

If you want to compete in high-level events, the PUBGM all-talent championship is the place to be. So, starting today, aim to attain the best rank and position possible.

How to create a crew?

  • Go to matches.
  • Go to crew option.
  • And create a crew.

However, keep in mind that your crew members should be active gamers with professional talents, as your team’s ability determines whether you win or lose. If you don’t have a team, you can request to join one by sending a request.

Schedule of all talent championship chapter 2

You can look at the picture that shows the information about the timing of the matches. Finally, I want to say, don’t forget to collect some rewards for free from the all talent championship second chapter. For that, you need to log in to games for 2 days.

  • Go to the event section
  • Go to E-sports and tap on LIVE VIFWERS MILESTONE and redeem rewards.

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