Check out what’s new in the game by downloading the Garena Free Fire OB28 update


Check out what’s new in the game with Garena Free Fire OB28 Update: Free Fire OB28 update is now live on the server, and players will be able to access all new game features in just a few hours. Servers will be available from 9:00 AM IST (+5: 30 GMT) to 6:00 PM IST (+5: 30 GMT) for maintenance. As a result, players will not be able to access the Free Fire for the next eight and a half hours. Shortly after six o’clock in the afternoon. IST, servers will also be available. Patch renewal prizes will be awarded to players who update themselves and enter the game between June 9 and 13. After logging in, go to the game events section and tap “Rewarded Rewards” to claim the rewards listed below.

2x Diamond Royale vouchers
2x Weapon Royale Vouchers

Step-by-step guide Download Garena Free Fire OB28 update

Step 1- Find a Free Fire in the Google Play Store, or, click here to open a free Fire Page.

Step 2- Once on the page, tap the “Update” button and install the latest version. After successful installation, players will be able to hear the brand new OB28 update.

See What’s New in Free Fire OB28 Update?

Free Fire Notes 8 June Update Patch:

Clash Squad

Season 7

The season starts at 09/06 17:00 SGT

In the Clash Squad, a new rank called “Grandmaster” has been added. To achieve the Challenge Badge, users must challenge themselves to be among the top 1000 Master players! In addition, from June 9, 2021, to August 5, 2021, a new measured period will be provided.

New rank: 1000 top players will now be promoted to “Grandmaster”.

Grandmaster I: First to 100 players
Gram master II: 101 to 300 top players
Grandmaster III: 301 to 1000 top player

Sales Machine Property limit and purchase adjustments.

We fill the sales machine with additional items to meet combat requirements. To prevent players from accumulating resources towards the end of the game, we also set limits on personal purchases from other consumables and priorities.

A weapons repair kit has been added to the vending machine. Additional purchase limit for certain items. It is designed to “plunder” the ground so that the vending machine will not move.

Return Area Difficulty adjustment.

“Reviving colleagues in relocation areas is not as difficult as you might think. To ensure that all upgrades to Battle Royale come at a cost, we increase the difficulty of capturing reclaimed areas. ”

Adjustment of set points Adjust the amount of points. “Since we introduced the system update mode, we have seen that the difficulty of scoring points has become more difficult as opponents now have the opportunity to return to the battlefield. is set at a very high level to ensure that the difficulty of escalation is slightly lower than before. ”In short, it has increased the total number of points in the ranks.

Training Island

Updated maps and mini games, new features are available. “We added some features to Training Island in this review based on the player’s response. First, we increase the capacity of the Training Island so that players can meet more players. Add other social features, including Emojis, leaderboards, and a timer on the race track. Participate and explore! ”

Increased capacity of 20-> 25 Training camps;
For more Airship in the social area, enter the airship with the nearest portal at the front; Bumper cars have been added to the race track; Added lap time counter to race track; Add Kill Location Score Table.

Pet Rumble Mode

The game includes a review: simulation, a mini game and a new skill available.
“The early arrival of Pets Spree was very well received by the players in the final review. We make this mode available to all players by making a simulation just after that update
everyone can line up and have fun! Also, we have added 4 mini games! scientists are perfect, tell us which one you like! ”

Modeling is available from June 9, 2021. With this, the game is no longer a custom room, so it should be in normal game mode, such as Clash Squad. 4 new mini-games added to the works of scientists. A new “Trap” ability available in dollars.

Weapon and balance

I. New Grenade – Ice Grenade Available in Battle Royale & Clash Squad! “We present to you the Ice Grenade, a water bomb that will explode leaving an aura that wreaks havoc later on after it exploded. The Ice Grenade will be a great tool to force enemies to hide. ”

First, check out the statistics and how the new Free Fire Ice Grenade works: Explosion Injuries: 100 Explosion radius: 5 meters Width of frozen ice: 5 feet Snow Aura time: 10 seconds Freeze players within the exploding aura will reduce the movement speed by 10%, fire speed by 20%, and take 5-10 injuries per second, depending on the duration of the aura. Be careful! The Ice Grenade will touch its partners!

In-game voice commands

Use of instant messaging! “We received a positive response after adding an instant message to the last update. However, we have received the answer that the sound is not really visible. Add an account to the quick instructions in this review to make the communication straightforward and understandable. ” In-game voice commands are now available.

Characters and Pets

New character: D-BEE Available soon! Learn more about the D-BEE character by clicking here.
“We introduce D-BEE, a street dancer and musician. With the skill of ‘Bullet Beats’. D-BEE focuses more with greater accuracy and acquires more movement speed. Try it and give us your opinion! ” Bullet Beats – When shooting while on the go, the movement speed increases by 5/7/9/11/13/15%, accuracy increases by 10/13/17/122/28/35%.

Fixing and fixing errors

The backpack can now be displayed in the reception area via settings. A built-in ping tool. Effective use of menu selection mode. A well-designed demonstration of Katana. Made in the background of the character’s page background.

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