Chrono and Skyler are two of the best Garena Free Fire MAX characters


In Free Fire MAX, players can choose from a wide range of characters, each with their own set of powers. Aside from that, with each new update, the developers introduce fresh and intriguing characters to the game.

Chrono and Skyler have become fan favorites since their introduction in the OB25 and OB26 releases, with players using their fantastic powers – Time Turner and Riptide Rhythm – to good use. The following is a list of some other strong Free Fire characters that gamers should look into.

Characters to watch in Free Fire MAX5) A124

A124 (Image via Free Fire MAX)

A124 is a fantastic character who can help players convert EP to HP and provide a lot of healing. Within 4 seconds, the thrill of battle will convert 60 EP to HP, implying 60 HP regained. When one’s health is poor, this is a significant sum.

Additionally, there is a 10-second cooling period. The only issue with A124 is that unlike K, there is no method to scavenge EP. As a result, users may have difficulty finding mushrooms. In Clash Squad mode, it’s even more useful. Users can easily combine the character with Miguel to receive EP with every kill now that the character is available for gold.

Dimitri (#4)

Dimitri (Image via Free Fire MAX)

After partnering with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Dimitri was added for the Free Fire 4th Anniversary celebration. The character possesses skills comparable to Alok, including the ability to create a 3.5-diameter healing zone. This zone allows teammates within it to self-recover if they are downed, in addition to delivering three health points per second for 15 seconds at the highest level.

As a result, users can perform skills near downed teammates and redeploy without having to resurrect them manually. If users are knocked out while using it for healing, they will have the choice to self-recover.

At maximum level, there is a 60-second cooldown, which isn’t much considering the impact of a healing heartbeat.

Xayne is number three.

Xayne (Image via Free Fire MAX)

In every mode, such as clash squad or battle royale, Xayne is perfectly suited for aggressive gameplay. Over the next 10 seconds, Xtreme Encounter offers players with an additional 80 HP, allowing them to absorb more damage while pushing on their foes. At the same time, at level 6, damage to Gloo Walls and shields will be increased by 100%.

As a result, it’s a viable counter to Gloo Wall and Chrono shields. Players can only use the ability once every 100 seconds in the meanwhile.

2) a

K (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Master of All is one of K’s abilities, and it has two different modes. Psychology mode restores 2 EP every 2 seconds, bringing the total to 150 EP. More crucially, the Jiu Jitsu mode increases the EP conversion rate by 500% with a 6m radius, resulting in 5 EP to HP conversions every second. Every three seconds, gamers move between these two modes.

Gamers can use the character to gain EP, which can subsequently be turned to HP swiftly. It can also be used in conjunction with Ottero and Miguel to increase its effectiveness. Purchasing more mushrooms while in Clash Squad mode can help you out.

Alok (#1)

Alok (Image via Free Fire)

Fire. Drop the Beat, although being launched a few years ago, still outperforms several of the newer characters. It creates a 5m aura in which users get 5 HP every second for 10 seconds, as well as a 10% increase in movement speed at the highest level.

Because there is only a 45-second cooldown on Drop the Beat, it provides a steady supply of healing points. Furthermore, the increased speed makes it even more adaptable.

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