Clash Squad mode adjustments in Free Fire OB31 are detailed.


Since the debut of the Advance Server earlier this month, the Free Fire community has been anticipating the impending patch. Players anticipate a slew of significant upgrades to the game that will enhance the overall experience.

Although the patch notes for the Free Fire OB31 update have not yet been released, the developers have shared a look of some of the key improvements on their official Twitter accounts. The Clash Squad mode is one of the major changes.

To create better balance, some map sections for the Clash Squad mode have been updated. The Bermuda map on the Academy and Mill has only been given a high-level summary of the alterations, with no specifics.

The spawn may focus on the alteration, as official social media channels have stressed the difficulties of starting the game following the spawn.

On November 27th, What’s Up Free Fire Season 2 Episode 6 went available, providing a summary of the impending stuff in the OB31 update. The new Clash Squad ranking season 10 was released, as well as the award for earning the Gold 3 tier of Golden UMP.

According to the video, in the Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes, a new rank named Master will be added. Heroic will come before it, while Grandmaster 1 will come after it. This rank will also aid in the division of players into different ranks based on their skill cap.

Players can currently only request one time from their teammates. Users will be able to request extra things in the future with the OB31 update, which will aid them in making more coordinated purchases for a specific round.

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