COD Mobile could release a legendary Gunzo skin based on “The Batman Who Laughs


Season 8 leaks for COD Mobile are everywhere, as the test server for the upcoming update went live earlier today. New weapons, scorestreaks, maps, and operator skills have been leaked.

Because COD Mobile Season 8 will coincide with COD Mobile’s second anniversary, which is in October, players can expect a lot of new content to be added to commemorate this achievement.

New information about the next legendary character to appear in COD Mobile has also leaked. Since the release of the new mythic sniper rifle, Rytec AMR-Nautilus, in Season 6. This means that the next big thing in COD Mobile will be a legendary character.

In COD Mobile, who is Gunzo?

A new leak suggests that Gunzo will be the new legendary character in COD Mobile. Gunzo is a beloved COD Mobile operator and a clown skin from the Advanced Warfare franchise.

Gunzo has a terrifying appearance, and his voice lines in COD Mobile are just as creepy. The character debuted with the legendary RPD skin. The original Gunzo skin was also re-released in the same lucky draw that saw the release of the ICR-1 Forced Laughter on COD Mobile.

Fans of the skin will appreciate the renewed opportunity to pull another Gunzo skin, and if leaks are to be believed, the new variant of the terrifying clown will be available soon on COD Mobile.

Data miners have leaked a new collaboration between the legendary Gunzo and DC Comics.

According to multiple sources, the next Gunzo legendary skin will be a collaboration with DC Comics. A leaked screengrab describes the upcoming Gunzo clown character, who will be based on Scott Snyder’s popular graphic novel The Batman Who Laughs.

Leaked screengrab of the dataminer’s finding (Image via YouTube/CapoYT)

The Batman Who Laughs depicts a parallel universe Batman invading Gotham in the present day. The invader is a mash-up of the chaos-loving Joker and the vigilante Batman.

This unique collaboration is one to keep an eye out for, and COD Mobile players can expect this skin to be released around Halloween, as it fits the theme of a scary clown perfectly.

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