COD Mobile: How to Unlock the Holger 26 LMG for Multiplayer


COD Mobile Season 4: Spurned and Burned is currently available in the game, and fresh content is being released on a weekly basis. The Holger 26 LMG is the most recent addition to the Seasonal challenge. This weapon comes from the Modern Warfare series, and gamers will appreciate its flexibility in the Gunsmith.

The Holger 26 LMG is a typical LMG with a 100-round magazine and a modest ADS speed. However, with the correct build and special attachments, this weapon may be converted into an SMG/AR. The weapon will kick a lot due to its tremendous firepower, but players may enjoy an LMG with more mobility.

How to unlock the Holger 26 in COD Mobile

The tasks to unlock the Holger 26 LMG may be found in Seasonal events under “Holger Strike.”

To acquire the newest weapon in COD Mobile, players must complete a series of tasks.

In any game mode, kill 30 opponents.

Kill 20 opponents with any assault rifle with 5 attachments.

Kill 15 opponents with headshots with any LMGKill 30 enemies with any LMG armed with any magazine and four attachments

Kill 30 foes with any assassination rifle and any charm attached.

Kill 30 opponents with any Holger 26 equipped with any three stickers.

The majority of the tasks are quite simple, and it is unlikely that players will need to spend more than an hour to accomplish this procedure. Shock RC is ideal for headshots because it keeps players steady enough to land headshots effortlessly.

Players may also affix stickers by opening the Gunsmith for Holger 26 and going into the personalize area. Here. Players may customize their weapons by applying stickers, changing reticles, and adding charms.

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