COD Mobile ID of iFerg, in-game stats, earnings, streaming information, and more


The most popular COD Mobile streamer and video maker on YouTube is iFerg, commonly known as Luke Fergie. Ferg is an Irish native who is 21 years old. He is presently a member of the mobile Esports group Tribe Gaming, with COD Mobile content creators Hawksnest and Godzly.

iFerg has 2.12 million subscribers and has submitted 1292 videos to his primary channel. He also has numerous additional YouTube channels where he uploads various types of content, such as clips, streaming, and gaming. His entire portfolio is based on COD Mobile.

Ferg, on the other hand, did not begin his YouTube career with COD Mobile. His debut video on the platform was a Clash Royale video, which he released in 2012. Ferg used to be a competitive player as well. He represented Cloud 9 in Rules of Survival events.

He became fairly famous after posting some RoS material on his YouTube channel. But it wasn’t until he started uploading COD Mobile material on a regular basis that his main channel took off.

COD Mobile ID, device, and statistics from iFerg

People don’t identify iFerg in ranked or public matches because he continuously changing his in-game ID. The majority of popular streamers use this to avoid being stream sniped by their opponents.

The in-game profile of iFerg

iFerg is an iPad player that is well-known in the community for destroying his iPads when enraged. The following is a list of all the occasions the COD Mobile streamer vented his frustrations on the gadget.

iFerg’s in-game stats are temporarily concealed, but players can check his profile and stats by using his official UID.

Details about iFerg’s earnings and streaming
Ferg’s YouTube channel is worth $2.2 million, according to Statsmash, as of May 2021.

All of iFerg’s upload channels and social media handles are listed below:

Main iFerg YouTube channel

iFerg is a live-streaming station on the internet.

iFerg Plays is a YouTube channel run by iFerg.

YouTube channel iFerg Clips

Facebook profile of iFerg

Instagram account of iFerg

Discord server of iFerg

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