COD Mobile: Season 5’s Best DR-H Loadout


The assault rifle genre is slowly resurrecting, as gamers on COD Mobile can now use guns other than SMGs. The meta nerf in Season 4 has left a gaping void that is currently being addressed by a variety of weapons. The ASM-10 has been improved, and it is now a three-shot weapon.

AS-VAL is another AR that deserves to be in the game’s top three. Since last season, players have been using the AS-VAL, and it was the only non-SMG that could compete with the meta.

Aside from AS-VAL and ASM-10, the DR-H is an excellent weapon to try out this season. This season, DR-H has made the top five lists of the majority of the pros. The weapon deals a lot of damage, is easy to control, and has a long range. The return DR-H and AMS-10 were the top two weapons in the game during the AR meta two seasons, and now the weapon is steadily creeping back up the meta ladder.

This season’s Battle Pass includes four distinct epic blueprints, one of which being the Dr-H Rebreather. The optimum loadout for DR-H, however, will necessitate a 30 Round OTM magazine, which greatly improves damage and makes it beam across all ranges. To counter the SMGs’ quick ADS in close-range battles, players may need to pre-fire.

The best DR-H loadout for COD Mobile this season

The size of the magazine is the initial point of contention with the DR-H gunsmith. The 30 Round OTM magazine must be unlocked separately by grinding, however it’s unclear if it’s worth it.

The 25 Round OTM Magazine will be used in the build below to reduce the amount of negatives. The DR-H is not the fastest weapon in the game, and its ADS time must be competitive with other good weapons. All of the attachments needed for this competitive DR-H build in COD Mobile are listed below.

DR-H gunsmith in COD Mobile/ Image via COD Mobile
DR-H gunsmith in COD Mobile/ Image via COD Mobile

Stock- No StockLaser- OWC Laser- TacticalAmmunition- 25 Round OTM MagRear Grip- Granulated Grip TapeBarrel- OWC RangerStock- No StockLaser- OWC Laser- TacticalAmmunition- 25 Round OTM Mag

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