“Congratulations on your birthday, Mahi!” – Steve Smith discusses playing with MS Dhoni.


On Wednesday, star Australian batsman Steve Smith wished Indian great MS Dhoni a happy 40th birthday. Smith also reminisced about their time together with the Rising Pune Supergiant, saying he enjoyed every moment of it.

Despite the fact that Smith led the team instead of MS Dhoni in 2017, Dhoni was constantly spotted offering Smith advice on field placements. The duo played well together, leading the club to the IPL 2017 final, where they were narrowly defeated by the Mumbai Indians.

Steve Smith revealed more about his playing days with MS Dhoni in a Q & A session on his Instagram account.

“Terrific guy. Had the pleasure of playing alongside him at Pune. Great to play alongside. And I saw in my feed today that it is his birthday. So Happy Birthday Mahi! Hope you have a great day buddy,” Steve Smith stated.

Apart from MS Dhoni, Steve Smith also opened up on his relations with Kohli

Virat Kohli, India’s captain, is another Indian player who has become good friends with Steve Smith. On the pitch, the two had had some heated exchanges in the past, but that all changed after one event.

A number of Indian fans booed Steve Smith during the 2019 World Cup match between India and Australia because of his role in the Sandpapergate incident. Kohli, who was batting at the moment, insisted that they stop booing and appreciate their opponents instead.

When India traveled Australia in 2020-21, this helped to strengthen their friendship, and they also enjoyed a great Q&A session. The two opened up about their personal lives, and the camaraderie between them was palpable.

Smith revealed in his Instagram chat that the session helped him get to know Kohli a little better.

“I really enjoyed the Q & A between us last summer. Was good fun, great insights and great to get to know Virat a bit more on the personal level. Really love the guy,” Steve Smith said.

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