console quality graphics expected PUBG New State launch rumoured for late 2021,


Battlegrounds Mobile India has published its first public beta, and it appears to have piqued the interest of Indian gamers. We played it ourselves, and while the PUBG Mobile vibes are back, the game doesn’t offer anything new. As a result, fans looking for something fresh will have to wait for PUBG New State, which has some positive news. Actually, the date of its release is more of a rumor.

According to the information gathered, PUBG New State will be released later this year. For the past few months, the game has been under Alpha testing, and rumors claim that Krafton may release it by the end of the year. However, beta testing has yet to begin, and it is only available in a few countries.

Despite its non-availability in countries such as India and China, the game has already received 17 million pre-registrations. As a result, Krafton is anxious to make it available on a global basis as soon as possible. However, beta testing could take longer, as Krafton previously stated that a general release could take place outside of 2021.

As a result, more players may be able to try out the beta version of PUBG New State later this year before the final version is released. The teaser has already demonstrated all of the new features that this game will include, as well as some impressive graphics. The leak also provides more details on the subject.

PUBG New State will employ powerful visual technologies such as Global Illumination, which have previously eluded mobile gaming. High-definition graphics with enhanced texturing and lighting, as well as greater frame rates, are expected. The game may be able to take full advantage of the processing power found in high-end smartphones.

PUBG New State

PUBG New State
PUBG New State, unlike PUBG Mobile and BGMI, is a completely new game set in the future. The essential gameplay ethics remain the same, but players now have access to futuristic weapons, transportation, and a new map to fight with. The goal is to provide the same level of participation as the PC version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, on the other hand, has launched early access, and we had a quick session with the game. Take a look at our thoughts on the re-imagined PUBG Mobile for India.

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