Deepika Kumari and Pravin Jadhav advance to the mixed team quarterfinals in archery.


On Saturday, India’s archery campaign at the Tokyo Olympics got off to a promising start as the mixed combination of Deepika Kumari and Pravin Jadhav defeated Chinese Taipei to advance to the quarterfinals.

India needed to win the third set to stay alive after trailing 1-3 after losing the first set 35-36 and splitting points with a 38-38 second set split. Deepika and Jadhav, who were shooting together at the international level for the first time, responded to the occasion, scoring four 10s. Lin Chia-En and Tang Chih-Chun of Chinese Taipei could only shoot a combined 35 in return, tying the match. The Indians got off to a slow start in the fourth set, with a 9 and an 8, but two 10s helped them overcome their opponents 37-36 to win the match 5-3.

“We absolutely want to win an Olympic medal in archery, and it simply happened like way,” Deepika explained later.

Later that day, the Indian pair will meet top seeds South Korea, who defeated Bangladesh 6-0, in the quarterfinals of the mixed team event, which will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020.

“We need a lot of confidence; it’s about combining all of our experience and hard work here.” Consider it as though it were your final Olympics, your only chance.

“We gave it our all, and we will give it our all in the following matches.” “We are committed to win a medal here,” added Deepika, as India seeks its first Olympic medal in archery.

“It (the decision) was significant because I desperately wanted to play alongside him (Atanu), but it did not happen. In any case, I must continue performing regardless of the circumstances “She stated.

“I’m a little disappointed that he isn’t on my mixed team. But we have to film, and you have to win, so just go ahead and shoot “When asked about her spouse Atanu, Deepika remarked.

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