Details about Tonde Gamer’s Free Fire ID, including statistics, K/D ratio, monthly earnings, and more


One of the most well-known Free Fire content creators is Sarju Giri, the man behind the famed YouTube channel Tonde Gamer. Many gamers look up to him for his remarkable skills and aim, and he is most known for his gaming videos.

He uploads content to YouTube on a regular basis and currently has a staggering 4.66 million subscribers. Tonde Gamer’s YouTube videos have also received over 762.35 million views.

Free Fire ID and Stats from Tonde Gamer
282951914 is his Free Fire ID.

Lifetime stats

Tonde Gamer’s lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)

Tonde Gamer has participated in 16622 squad matches, outperforming his opponents in 7067 of them for a win rate of 42.51 percent. The gamer has a kill-to-death ratio of 6.96 with 66459 kills.

The content creator has won 1433 out of 6894 pair games, giving him a win percentage of 20.78 percent. He has notched 26828 frags with a K/D ratio of 4.91.

Tonde Gamer has played 3434 solo matches, winning 281 of them for an 8.18 percent win percentage. In this mode, he has 6989 kills, giving him a K/D ratio of 2.22.

Ranked stats

Tonde Gamer’s ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)

Tonde Gamer has played in 176 rated squad matches and has won 77 of them, giving him a win percentage of 43.75 percent. With a K/D ratio of 10.14 percent, he has 1004 kills to his credit.

He has won 11 of the 62 pair games he has played, for a victory record of 17.74 percent. The YouTuber has 310 kills and a K/D ratio of 6.08 as a result of his efforts. Tonde Gamer has also competed in 92 solo matches, earning three first-place finishes for a victory rate of 3.26 percent. He has 146 kills to his credit, with a K/D ratio of 1.64.

Tonde Gamer’s monthly earnings are projected to be between $15.3K and $245.3K, according to Social Blade.

Tonde Gamer has been regularly posting Free Fire-related content to his YouTube channel. He now has 1049 videos on his YouTube channel, with the most popular video receiving more than 30 million views.

Tonde Gamer has 190 thousand subscribers and 61.33 million views in the last 30 days, according to Social Blade.

Note: The above statistics were collected at the time of writing and are subject to change as Tonde Gamer continues to play additional games.

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