Dimitri character in Free Fire: ability, weapon, skill combination and More!


Characters have been added to Free Fire on a regular basis, with at least one new character appearing in each release. Garena frequently introduces characters based on partnerships, the most recent of which being Dimitri Vegas + Like Mike. While Like Mike’s Thiva has yet to arrive, Dimitri Vegas debuted as “Dimitri” earlier this month. We’ll go over all you need to know about Dimitri in Free Fire in this article.

1.Who is Dimitri in Free Fire & real life?

In-game lore

Thiva’s older brother, Dimitri, is a sound engineer. He used to spend the most of his time at the lab, day after day, developing new sound technologies. Dimitri develops a new dream after discovering his affinity for music. He understands that by employing his technical inventions, he can serve the world and enhance people’s lives.

Dimitri in real life

In real life, Dimitri Vegas, like his in-game counterpart, is Like Mike’s brother, and the two form one of the finest DJ duos in the world. Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios are their true names.

They were named number one on DJ magazines’ Top 100 DJs list two times, in 2015 and 2019, and number two in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020. Garena has enlisted them, together with Alok and KSHMR, to write a new song named “Reunion” as part of the 4th anniversary celebration. With their inclusion, Free Fire now boasts a total of four DJ characters.

2.Dimitri’s ability in Free Fire

Healing Heartbeat: Creates a 3.5m healing zone. Inside the area, users and allies recover 3HP/s. When downed, users and allies can self-recover to get up.

Level-1: Lasts for 10s, CD 85s.
Level-2: Lasts for 11s, CD 80s.
Level-3: Lasts for 12s, CD 75s.
Level-4: Lasts for 13s, CD 70s.
Level-5: Lasts for 14s, CD 65s.
Level-6: Lasts for 15s, CD 60s.

In comparison to the Advance server version, Dimitri’s ability has been somewhat nerfed. When you max out this talent, you gain a 50% boost in duration and a nearly 40% reduction in cooldown. It also has a decent healing aura, albeit it is slower than Alok’s – you gain 45HP regen in 15 seconds.

The “self revive function” is the greatest element of the ability. You may assist your friends in getting up by just going close to them and triggering the aura, which saves time. This ability is extremely useful for both saving teammates and recovering yourself in aim duels – all you have to do is use it when standing close to a waist-high cover.

3.How to get Dimitri character in Free Fire?

Dimitri was offered as a free top-up prize at the previous event. It is, however, over, and you must now purchase him in the store for 499 gems. With a discount code, you can get it down to $399… and there’s a chance he’ll be on sale for $299 later at the gift store.

Just be cautious while purchasing him since, like Chrono, Dimitri is likely to be nerfed by Garena in the future. He is currently slightly powerful.

4.Skill combo for Dimitri

Because Dimitri’s ability is an active skill, you can use it in conjunction with three other passives. With Dimitri’s talent, there are two sorts of combos: rush and camp.

Dimitri’s rusher combo
This version does not make good use of Dimitri’s resurrecting ability. If you lose a close-range combat, it’s very probable that your opponents will just end you. Being a rusher who controls Dimitri, on the other hand, lets you to go second and help your teammate who goes first. If the person is already down, cover while activating the aura to assist him in getting back up.

Hayato, Shirou, Kelly, and Jota are the ideal characters to team up with Dimitri as a rusher since they specialize in close-range combat.

Dimitri’s camper/sniper combination
In an aim duel, Dimitri’s talent is godlike. If you lose a duel while the talent is active, you can simply revive yourself as long as you have a cover when crouching down. Maro, Laura, Rafael, and Dasha are the greatest talents for Camper/Sniper Dimitri.

They’re all designed for aggressive aim duels, which mitigates the flaw that a defensive talent like Healing Heartbeat would have in Free Fire.

5.Weapon combo for Dimitri

Dimitri’s talent, like Alok’s healing aura, is extremely flexible and may be utilized in conjunction with any weapon. People generally want to go near to their teammates to help them with the aura, so having a specialist weapon like the MP40 would be quite beneficial. It’s advisable to stay with a high-damage assault rifle (AK, Groza), a DMR (SVD, Woodpecker), or a sniper rifle for range aim duels (AWM, M82B).

6.How good is Dimitri in Clash Squad?

Dimitri’s Healing Heartbeat is extremely beneficial in Clash Squad. If you’re brought down next to a cover while using the talent and the opponent can’t finish you off right away, crawl close to it and recover yourself.

Dimitri makes rescuing teammates in Clash Squad considerably simpler because opponents can’t assault you while you’re pulling your friend up. Simply activate the ability and stand there staring out the window.

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