Dinesh Karthik on Ben Stokes’ prolonged break: “Omg, didn’t see that coming.”


Dinesh Karthik took to Twitter to express his thoughts on Ben Stokes’ decision to retire from cricket. On July 30, Stokes revealed that he will be taking an indefinite vacation due to mental health issues. The entire globe reacted to the news, and Karthik shared his thoughts on the shocking development.

Abhinav Mukund, Dinesh Karthik’s best friend, has spoken to him about mental health difficulties. He also mentioned Virat Kohli’s recent comments on how difficult it is to stay within the bio-bubbles in these COVID times.

Mukund revealed a couple of years back that he too had gone through mental health issues during his early years.

Ben Stokes recently played in The Hundred league, however due to his immediate hiatus, he will not be participating in the league any more. He will also miss the start of the India-England Test series on August 4. Fans will be hopeful that Stokes returns before the rest of the IPL 2021 season begins.

“Quarantining and living in a bubble isn’t simple,” Dinesh Karthik says.
Dinesh Karthik also written on the bio-problems. bubble’s Even while it appears to be simple, he claims that surviving under those conditions is quite difficult. The comforts offered may make it seem simple, but the real battle is in the mind. The mental strain that players are subjected to can quickly wear anyone down.

Dinesh Karthik is currently working as a cricket commentator in England. The cricketer has gotten a lot of accolades for his witty and intelligent commentary style. Karthik ensures that the audience is entertained.

Karthik, on the other hand, is still an active player who has not resigned from the game. He’s also talked about how he wants all active players to be able to commentate.

On the field, Dinesh Karthik will play for the rest of the IPL 2021 season. He is a member of the Kolkata Knight Riders team and will be hoping for a successful season. He has stated that a strong IPL performance will aid his chances of making the Indian team. The IPL 2021 season will begin on September 19 in the United Arab Emirates.

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