Do you enjoy playing video games? You have a job offer from Google.


Google Stadia is looking for people who are addicted to online gaming and want to have fun virtually all of the time.

Over the last few years, online gaming has gained a lot of popularity. The emergence of online game streaming systems like Apple Arcade and Google Stadia has further added to the ease of this journey. Now, Google has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Stadia lovers.

Google intends to grow its Stadia staff. Google has a job advertisement for a Post Manager for Stadia on its Careers page, which is in line with this goal. The organization is searching for someone with at least four years of experience managing technical products with cross-functional teams that include engineering, UX, UI, and program management, among other things.

So, what does Google want to accomplish by growing its Stadia team? The job listing does, however, disclose some information in this area, but not much. According to the job description part of the listing, the tech giant wants to enhance the availability of Stadia, its cloud-based game streaming service. Stadia is already accessible on Android TV, Chromecast-enabled devices, and iOS, to give you a fast rundown. It will be accessible on LG’s WebOS-powered smart TVs later this year. The company now intends to make the service available on a wider range of devices.

In its job posting, Google stated, “In addition to establishing our own video gaming platform, we see a significant opportunity to make our infrastructure and technologies available to partners that wish to build their own interactive streaming platforms.”

“To enable a seamless gaming experience across numerous platforms, we are working on custom-built hardware and quickly evolving open source technology,” the business noted. This suggests that Google intends to make Stadia available on other tech companies’ devices. It also implies that the corporation intends to broaden its own hardware line in this area.

So, what type of gadgets does Google have in mind? According to the job posting, Google is eager to expand Stadia’s reach to more TVs. “Lead our approach to TV by expanding the number of devices where cloud gaming is available… Work with vendors to expand the ecosystem of devices that support Stadia’s hardware and software requirements,” according to the job description. Later this year, LG TVs will be able to use Stadia. As a result, it’s probable that Samsung’s Tizen-based TVs and Amazon Fire TV sticks will be next in line. Aside from that, the listing isn’t very informative.

If you’re chosen, you’ll be flying to Mountain View, California, to work at Google’s headquarters. That’s another benefit you won’t want to overlook!

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