During Aleister Black’s release, WWE committed a significant miscalculation, according to reports.


Aleister Black’s AEW Dynamite debut has captivated the pro-wrestling world.

Aleister Black, formerly known as Tommy End, has changed his name to Malakai Black. During his debut, he went after Cody and Arn Anderson and made it plain that he meant business.

Many admirers were taken aback by Black’s debut for an intriguing reason. Before appearing on another show, a WWE Superstar must undergo a 90-day non-compete period. WWE Superstars who are released must have observed in the past that they follow the clause before appearing on another promotion’s show.

On June 2, 2021, WWE fired Aleister Black. He was able to appear for another promotion despite the fact that it had been just over a month after his release. PWInsider has now revealed the reason behind this, and Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has posted it on Twitter.

According to Sapp, WWE made a mistake by forgetting to update Aleister Black’s non-compete clause from 30 to 90 days. This is why Black was able to make his AEW Dynamite debut last night.

“WWE neglected to adjust Aleister Black’s non compete period from 30 to 90 days,” Sapp tweeted.

Aleister Black had released a stunning video package to promote his upcoming debut.
Shortly before his AEW debut, Aleister Black posted a video to his official Instagram account. The frightening short film offers a glimpse of Malakai Black, Black’s new character.

“I used to wonder in my head how many more there were.” Those are the voices. I’m not sure which I prefer: the never-ending silence or the incessant chatter. Both of them are terrifying to me.”

If Aleister Black has truly signed with AEW, he is a significant addition to Tony Khan’s promotion, with the potential to become a World Champion in the future.

Black’s acquisition has only added to the promotion’s roster of some of the most gifted athletes in the pro-wrestling industry today.

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