Everything we know about the new Yeti pet in Garena Free Fire so far


Pets are pets in Free Fire who accompany players throughout the game and have a special power that helps them compete. Despite the fact that these talents have a modest impact, pets are nevertheless far more expensive than characters in the store, with the majority of them costing 699 diamonds.

Agent Hop is the newest pet accessible to users, and it was released as part of a Top Up event that is set to finish today. It will be the 19th pet added to the game, giving gamers more options. More information about the new pet may be found here.

New Yeti pet added to Free Fire

The pet is not currently accessible to players (Image via Free Fire)

Yeti’s description in the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server, which was launched a few days before the update, reads, “Adore my silky fur.” This pet comes with the Frost Fortress skill, which appears to be a feasible option because it minimizes the damage taken by explosives.

Here are some more details about its game ability:

Every 150 seconds, Level 1 (Pet level 1) reduces 15 percent of the damage players take from explosives.

Every 120 seconds, Level 2 (Pet level 5) reduces 20 percent of the damage players experience from explosives.

Every 90 seconds, Level 3 (Pet level 7) reduces 30 percent of the damage players experience from explosives.
Yeti is now unavailable for purchase in Free Fire. They’ll get an error message that says, “This item will be available shortly!” when they hit the “Purchase” button.

Users may remain up to know on when the pet will be accessible by following Free Fire on social media.

Yeti could be a component of the New Age special events that will be added to the game in the coming days.

The cat was also recently shown in a teaser by Free Fire. The same can be found above for readers. The new update for Garena Free Fire is officially here! For the most up-to-date Free Fire news and codes, go here!

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