Everything you need to know about goat horns in Minecraft.


One of the most enigmatic objects planned for the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update is the goat horn.

There is a lot of misinformation out there concerning goat horns. Players should be aware that the item is presently unavailable in both the official Java and Bedrock editions.

Goat horns, on the other hand, can be obtained via performing the “experiments” function in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players who do not wish to use the feature must wait until the second half of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update to gain goat horns. The update is scheduled to be published during the 2021 “Christmas season.”

Goat horn information in Minecraft

At the moment, there isn’t much information available on the goat horn. However, because it is available in the experimental version of the Bedrock Edition, players are aware of some of its functions.

When goats ram into a solid block in the experimental version, they will drop up to two horns. Because screaming goats are more aggressive, players have a better chance of obtaining the horns. It is unknown if the goats will shed a horn every time they ram into a solid block.

The horn has a few verified features once it is dropped. If the player attempts to utilize the horn, an eating animation and horn noise will occur. The horn boom is similar to that heard during pillager attacks.

Fortunately, a Minecraft developer has verified (in the video below) that the goat horn will have new use in future releases. The film also includes extra information on the goat horn.

In the near future, the goat horn in Minecraft will acquire new functionality. However, players are unaware of these features. Some predict that goat horns will be utilized to make horned helmets, which appears to be a fantastic concept.

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