Everything you need to know about Minecraft explosions


Explosions are one of the most entertaining Minecraft elements. They enable for a variety of intriguing interactions with blocks, including the creation of the notorious TNT cannon. For years, players have been trying to figure out how to influence explosions.

Users automatically think of the creeper when they think of explosions. Those nasty green phalluses are most likely their first exposure to explosions, and gamers will quickly learn how powerful they can be. They need be aware of the many varied behaviors and functions of these explosions, should their dwelling be demolished by a creeper.

Everything a Minecraft player needs to know about explosions


A massive crater caused by the Super TNT mod, which adjusts the strength of explosions (Image via lolyoujellybro.com)
A massive crater caused by the Super TNT mod, which adjusts the strength of explosions

Explosions contain a number of intriguing mechanics that the player should be aware of. Below is a collection of the most notable and fascinating mechanics.

An explosion’s most evident mechanic is that it damages mobs and destroys blocks. After meeting a creeper for the first time, players will rapidly realize this.

Explosions can also be used to push mobs and blocks, enabling for the building of a variety of contraptions like the TNT cannon. There will be fire on the ground from some explosions.

Power levels are assigned to specific explosions. The charged creeper, for example, has a power level of six, while the standard creeper only has a power level of three.

The probability of a block being destroyed by a falling explosion is computed using the formula: 1/power level. Because a creeper’s strength level is three, the probability of a creeper destroying a block is 1/3, or 33.

Additional mechanics

A ridiculous rapid fire TNT cannon

TNT cannons, such as the one shown above, are frequently made possible by the propulsive effect caused by explosions.

Five alternative TNT cannon designs are seen in the movie above, each with its own set of features.

The core of the explosion will deal more damage to players and other entities than the outskirts.

The Wither’s half-health explosion is the most powerful in Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition. In the Java Edition of Minecraft, the End Crystal and Charged Creepers have the most powerful explosions.

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