Everything you need to know about Minecraft’s Nether mobs


The overworld, the nether realm, and the end are the three dimensions in which Minecraft worlds are divided. Players spawn in the quiet and peaceful overworld when they join a new world. However, this will not last forever, as players will eventually be forced to enter the dreadful nether realm.

The overworld is the polar opposite of the nether reality. Instead of gorgeous waters, the nether region is littered with hellish lava oceans. This biome also has some of Minecraft’s most scary and lethal critters.

This article will teach players everything they need to know about nether realm mobs.

Everything you need to know about Minecraft’s nether mobs

Zombified piglins

In Minecraft, a zombie piglin, sometimes known as a zombie pigman, is an undead type monster. Unlike overworld zombies, zombified piglins prefer to stay out of players’ way rather than attacking them. If a player collides with a zombie piglin, all adjacent piglins will attack him.

Players can entice them into a trap by manipulating their behavior. Zombified piglins are a great source of XP because they spawn in enormous quantities. When they die, they also drop gold nuggets or ingots. In Minecraft, players can make zombified piglin farms to obtain a lot of gold.


Piglins in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Piglins in Minecraft

Piglins are the zombified piglins who still have some rationality in their bodies. They desire to defend their turf, thus they attack any players who get close to them. Piglins have an affinity towards gold for whatever reason, therefore they are unafraid of players wearing gold armor.

Piglins will barter numerous objects for gold due of their fondness for it. Simply throw a gold ingot at them to acquire ender pearls, crying obsidian, quartz, and other treasures.

Players will face piglin brutes in the bastion remnants. These mobs inflict a lot of damage and don’t care if you’re wearing gold or if you’re giving them gold. Their sole purpose is to frighten gamers away from loot chests.


Striders in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Striders in Minecraft 

The 1.16 nether update introduced striders to Minecraft. They’re one of the few mobs who don’t try to murder you. Striders prefer to live on lava, and they have the ability to walk on it.

A strider can be saddled and ridden like a horse by players. Players can travel on lava this way, but they must be careful of ghast spawning in the lava ocean. To propel striders in the desired direction, players must use a warped fungus on a fishing rod, just like pigs.

Magma cubes

magma cubes 

Magma cubes resemble the slimes found in Minecraft’s overworld. They behave similarly and have the potential to divide into small pieces when they die. Magma cubes drop magma balls instead of slime balls.


Ghasts are unquestionably one of Minecraft’s most vexing critters. They will appear out of nowhere and begin shooting gamers with explosives. The good news is that their HP is low. Ghast tear and gun powder can be obtained by quickly killing them from a safe distance.


Hoglins in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Hoglins in Minecraft 

The nether update introduced Hoglins to Minecraft. When they die, they drop pork chops, giving them the appearance of an improved and hazardous version of pigs. Players are attacked by Hoglins, who can fling them into the air.

Hoglins, despite their strength, are terrified of deformed fungi. Hoglins can be scared away by using deformed fungus.



Blazes can only be found in nether fortifications. After they die, these burning mobs drop blaze rods. A blazing rod is a required equipment in order to complete Minecraft. Blaze rods are converted into blaze powder, which is used to make ender eyes, brew potions, and other items.

Wither skeletons

Wither skeletons are one of the most powerful nether creatures, as they can cause players to wither. Before attacking, players should rapidly kill wither skeletons. They have a sliver of a possibility of losing their heads. Players can spawn a wither boss with wither skulls and fight it to acquire the nether star.

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