Everything you need to know about mountain goats in Minecraft 1.17.


Goats are one of the most recent mobs to be added to Minecraft, appearing with the Caves & Cliffs update. It’s a neutral mob that inhabits mountain biomes. They perform high jumps and will be a source of milk and goat horns in a later release.

Many players may be curious in what goats can accomplish in update 1.17, as well as what updates may be coming in the 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part II update. Everything players need to know about goats in Minecraft 1.17 and 1.18 is included here!

Where do they spawn?

Minecraft 1.17 version
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Goats spawn in groups of two to three on the surface of mountains and require a light level of 7 or above to spawn. While the majority of goats spawn as adults, there is a 5% possibility that a goat will spawn as a newborn. There is a 2% chance that a goat’s progeny will be a screaming goat. Screaming goats have the same appearance as ordinary goats, with the exception that they make screaming noises and ram mobs and players more frequently.

What are they going to drop?

Minecraft 1.17 version
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Goats will drop a goat horn if they ram into a solid Minecraft block. Horns can be dropped twice per goat in the Bedrock edition.

An adult goat drops 1-3 experience points when killed. The goats will drop 1-7 experience points if they are successfully bred. There are no items or experience gained from killing a young goat.

What are the goats’ habits?

Minecraft 1.17 version
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In Minecraft, goats may jump up to ten blocks into the air. They only jump when they are attempting to pass a barrier. Goats take 5 less hearts in the event of a fall and avoid walking over powder snow. They can’t leap again for 30-60 seconds after they’ve jumped.

If a goat sees a mob (other than other goats and shulkers) or a player who hasn’t moved in 30-300 seconds, the goat will ram the player from up to 16 blocks away (although they do not do this if the player is playing on peaceful). Between a goat and a prospective target, there must be at least 4 blocks of unoccupied space. Knockback is dealt in nine blocks by adult goats and four and a half by baby goats.

When harmed, goats, like other passive mobs, will run. Other mobs will not attack a goat if they are pushed back by it.

Do you know how to milk goats?
The goat can be milked in Minecraft by using a bucket, which creates a milk bucket. Baking cakes and erasing any status effects are common uses for milk buckets.

In Minecraft, how do you raise goats?
Wheat can be used to breed goats. If the player is holding wheat, they will actively follow the player as long as the player is within 10 blocks of the goat. A newborn goat’s growth can be boosted by 10% each time it is fed wheat, much like other mobs.

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