Everything you need to know about the Free Fire anniversary in 2021.


Garena Free Fire’s Beta version was released in 2017, followed by the official release. Since then, the Battle Royale game’s popularity and profitability have steadily increased. With over 90 million downloads, Free Fire now has a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store and has consistently ranked in the top charts of the Play Store.

This year marks the game’s fourth anniversary, and like with every year, Garena may plan a fourth-anniversary event. During the next Free Fire anniversary event, players will be able to obtain permanent premium gifts. The official launch date may only be inferred due to the lack of an official notification from Garena.

When is the Free Fire anniversary event launching this year?

Free Fire anniversary event was launched on August 23rd last year

Garena has continued the practice of publishing anniversary events on the 11th of August in 2018, the 25th of August in 2019, and the 23rd of August in 2020. So, during the second and fourth weeks of August this year, from August 11th and August 25th, players may expect the formal commencement of the Free Fire anniversary event.

Players can also view the trailer for the previous year’s anniversary event to have a broad idea of what to expect:

What to expect from Free Fire’s fourth-anniversary event?

The third-anniversary event featured Free Fire characters as permanent rewards 

Garena has a knack for pleasing its enthusiastic fans at such events. As a result of the fourth-anniversary event, active Free Fire players may look forward to receiving a variety of valuable in-game accessories as redeemable presents.

The anniversary event awards may include free characters, valuable cosmetics, bundles, in-game crates, and a variety of other items with permanent status. Furthermore, Free Fire might bring other chores highlighted on the game’s anniversary calendar.

Aside from the fourth-anniversary celebrations, Free Fire is set to release the OB29 update in the early weeks of August, which will include a slew of new features and optimizations. As a result, players can anticipate the release of Free Fire OB29 Advance Server by the end of this month.

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