Everything you need to know about the Free Fire x Money Heist 2.0 partnership


Free Fire has worked with a number of corporations, celebrities, and television shows throughout the years, further boosting the game’s global popularity. The most recent cooperation was with Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage, which yielded a slew of appealing merchandise.

The developers have now unveiled a collaboration with Money Heist’s La Casa de Papel. The players are ecstatic, as their previous collaboration with this series, which took place last year, was a big success.

Details about the Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration can be found here.

Free Fire announced their collaboration with Money Heist on their social media accounts on November 29.

According to the article, all collaborative events will begin in the game on December 3, 2021, which also happens to be the release date for the series’ final season.

The event will be called “Final Episode: Raid and Run,” and it will go until December 14th, during which time players will be able to earn a variety of rewards. The following is also mentioned in the article:

“The event will include new missions, collaborative themed merchandise, and social media interaction activities.”

A calendar is scheduled to be introduced to Free Fire in the following days, just like every other important event.

As part of this agreement, players can look forward to a new set of cosmetics. In the coming days, the developers will most likely publish the full information of the accessible products. Users can keep up with the announcement by following the official accounts till then.

a previous collaboration

In the collaboration last year, this emote was added (Image via Free Fire)

In September 2020, the previous Free Fire and Money Heist partnership lasted about two weeks. Users were provided a variety of thrilling rewards, some of which were free. A new game mode has also been created by Garena.

The “I’m Rich!” emote, which has now become a rare item, was also added to the game as a result of these events.

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