FAUG TDM mode is now in beta, featuring a new Bazaar map and a restricted number of spaces available.


FAUG receives a new TDM mode inspired by PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile’s Team Deathmatch formats. Here are all of the specifics.

Prior to the upheaval in Battlegrounds Mobile India fanfare, it was FAUG that made headlines and gave hope to ex-PUBG gamers. However, the game did not garner great reviews following its release, and it was rapidly pushed to the sidelines, especially after the success of PUBG Mobile India. nCore Games wants to try again, therefore they’ve added a new FAUG TDM mode.

TDM (Team Deathmatch mode) is a game mode inspired by Call of Duty: Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India’s game modes of the same name. However, the mode is now in testing, and there are (were) only a few spaces accessible on Google Play. Instead of a beta access within the original game, the beta mode is available as a separate game download.

FAUG TDM mode is now available in beta.
The FAUG TDM mode allows five players to establish a team and compete against another five-player team on a tiny map. For TDM mode, the devs have added a new Bazaar map inspired on local Indian landscapes. Unlike Campaign mode, which only allowed players to use hand guns, TDM mode allows them to use more advanced weaponry.

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As of present, the weaponry collection consists of guns and a knife. The round is won by the first team to reach 40 kill points. Initially, the gameplay appears to be identical to that of PUBG Mobile. Please keep in mind that the TDM mode is available as a separate download on the Play Store under the name FAUG (Early Access).

Will FAUG’s TDM mode pique your interest, especially now that Battlegrounds Mobile India is in open beta for many players in India? Since its launch in mid-June, the latter has gathered millions of downloads. The gameplay is identical to that of the worldwide version of PUBG Mobile, with the exception that some violent effects have been toned down and data storage procedures have been changed to comply with Indian regulatory regulations.

Unlike FAUG, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a fully functional game that includes all of the modes and maps that PUBG Mobile users across the world enjoy. TDM is included, as well as classic battle royale modes like domination and others.

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