five times Trevor Philips was far more intelligent than most GTA gamers gave him credit for.


Never judge a book by its cover – Trevor Philips is far smarter than most GTA gamers think.

Trevor appears to be little more than a meth addict living in a trailer park at first impression. Given how unflatteringly GTA 5 portrays the redneck population, it’s natural to believe Trevor is more of the same.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. For a drug addict, Trevor is quite intelligent and quick-witted.

GTA criminals are dangerous not only because of their heavy weaponry, but also because of how they use it. Trevor possesses dark charisma as well as overwhelming brilliance. While most of his plans fail, the majority of them fail due to unforeseeable circumstances. Trevor is far too astute for his own good.

Trevor Philips proved he was wiser than he appeared in five GTA 5 instances.

#5 – He figures out what really happened with Michael

The main source of tension in GTA 5 is Michael De Santa’s distrust of his former accomplice Trevor. Trevor narrowly escaped with his life during a failed bank heist in Ludendorff. He mistook Michael for dead for years. Meanwhile, he was attempting to break his accomplice Brad out of prison.

Trevor begins to have doubts about Brad after learning of Michael’s survival. It turns out that the entire time, FIB agent Dave Norton was sending him communications.

Trevor eventually puts the pieces together – Michael set them up to die so he can begin a new life with his family. In GTA 5, it was a stunning surprise.

#4 – Trevor uses his piloting skills to good use

Trevor used to train as an Air Force pilot. Given how tough it would be to join the military, that alone is a tremendous accomplishment. Trevor was on his way to protect and serve his country after four years of academy training. However, he failed his psych exams and thus failed the course.

During GTA 5 missions, Trevor is frequently relegated to the role of the crew’s unofficial pilot. Trevor’s piloting abilities are called upon in a number of situations. Despite his regular drug use in GTA 5, Trevor is able to navigate the skies with ease. To accomplish so, a great level of intellectual capacity is required.

#3 – He realizes a dealer is ripping him off

Trevor joins Franklin and Lamar on the Hood Safari mission for an exchange deal with the Ballas. As they walked along Grove Street, they came upon a shady dealer crouching behind a door.

He gave Lamar a sample of his coke product, which he is eager to acquire.

Trevor, on the other hand, notices something is awry. Lamar was only allowed to test one side of the brick. The dealer declines Trevor’s request to view what’s on the other side. Trevor forcibly takes the brick for himself, only to discover that the majority of it is dry wall. The shady trader offered them ounces rather than kilograms.

Trevor has been in the drug industry long enough to understand the intricacies of defrauding potential consumers. Despite the fact that the ultimate result was a shooting on Grove Street, Trevor and the others escaped.

His intelligence shone brightly here. Trevor outperformed his gangbanging companions in terms of street smarts.

#2 – Trevor understands his numbers

Trevor operates a big drug enterprise in Blaine County, so it stands to reason that he is adept with numbers. Ron, for example, complements Trevor on his counting talents. Trevor’s mathematics abilities are on display during the Big Score, when GTA players take a subtle approach.

The bank manager tries to compute the current conversion rates as Trevor and the rest of the staff load the gold bars into a truck. Trevor accurately guesses two hundred million.

He accomplishes this impressively before the bank manager has chance to total up the numbers. Trevor never skipped a single class while he was younger.

#1 – He can be surprisingly eloquent (by GTA standards)

“You gloomy old prune. You’re completely parched. Like a vast salt flat of grief and ruin!”
Despite being a redneck meth addict with many mental disorders, Trevor’s vocabulary is surprisingly coherent. While he does use harsh language, he is rather inventive with his insults.

If Trevor has a problem with someone, he will tell them right away.

Trevor can also hold his own in a variety of political debates. Trevor has strong feelings about everything, whether it’s the boomer generation or post-ironic hipsters. He doesn’t just yell like a lunatic; he frequently backs up his opinions with well-reasoned arguments. The degree to which GTA gamers agree with him varies.

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