For a rank push, here are the 5 greatest Free Fire character pairings with Skyler (November 2021)


Skyler is one of the most well-known characters in Free Fire who has an active ability. Due to his Riptide Rhythm ability, he was added to the game earlier this year and has been used by many players. When activated, a sonic wave travels forward, damaging five Gloo Walls within a 100-meter radius.

Character combinations play an important role in rank push, as all players are aware, and players that own Skyler normally look for the best ones to incorporate in order to perform better.

Disclaimer: The character combinations described below are the writer’s own opinions, and they are determined by the player’s individual selections.

Skyler’s character combinations in Free Fire are listed below (November 2021)

5) Skyler + Laura + Rafael + Shirou

Laura can be purchased 6000 gold or 399 diamonds (Image via Free Fire)

Laura is a skilled shooter. Rafael: I’m completely silent. Shirou: I’ve done some damage.

When the players are scoped in, the Sharp Shooter ability gives them a 35 percent boost in accuracy, making them more precise in mid/long-range combat.

Rafael’s reworked ability is impressive (Image via Free Fire)

When using snipers and marksman rifles, Rafael’s Dead Silent has a silencing effect on players. Furthermore, foes who are hit and knocked down lose 45 percent more HP.

Shirou was buffed recently (Image via Free Fire)

When attackers hit the user within an 80m range while wearing Shirou, they will be tagged for six seconds. The first shot the players fire at the marked opponent has a 100% armor penetration increase. It has a 10-second cooldown, unlike other passive abilities.

4) Skyler + Antonio + Kla + Joseph

Antonio gives additional HP (Image via Free Fire)
  • Antonio: Gangster’s Spirit
  • Kla: Muay Thai
  • Joseph: Nutty Movement

Antonio’s ability Gangster’s Spirit grants players 35 extra health at the start of each round. This means that they will have 235 HP initially.

Kla is great for melee combat (Image via Free Fire)

Kla’s Muay Thai talent increases fist damage by 400 percent, allowing users to take down adversaries in close combat more quickly.

When Joseph takes damage, his Nutty Movement gives him a 20% boost in movement and sprinting speed. As a result, gamers will be able to escape or rush adversaries more quickly.

Skyler + Hayato + Kelly

Hayato has an awakened version (Image via Free Fire)
  • Hayato: Bushido
  • Kelly: Dash
  • Wolfrahh: Limelight

After each ten percent drop in maximum health, Hayato’s Bushido ability enhances player armor penetration by ten percent.

Kelly is widely used for movement speed (Image via Free Fire)

When people use Kelly’ Dash, their sprinting speed increases by 6%, allowing them to run faster and rotate more swiftly.

Wolfrahh’s ability is Limelight (Image via Free Fire)

Limelight from Wolfrahh is quite good, since it reduces damage taken from headshots by 5% to 30% with each extra observer or kill. Furthermore, the damage dealt to the enemy’s limbs increases by 5 percent to 20%.

2) Skyler + Luqueta + Moco + Dasha

Luqueta received a buff in OB29 (Image via Free Fire)
  • Luqueta: Hat Trick
  • Moco: Hacker’s Eye
  • Dasha: Partying On

Luqueta’s ability Hat Trick raises the maximum health by 25 (up to a total of 50) after every kill. Upon getting two frags, users will have 250 max HP.

Moco’s tagging ability is very beneficial (Image via Free Fire)

Enemies that players hit are tagged for five seconds as a result of the Hacker’s Eye ability. Their whereabouts is also sent to their teammates.

Dasha has a multifaceted ability (Image via Free Fire)

Dasha’s Partying On offers a number of effects, including a 50 percent reduction in fall damage and an 80 percent reduction in fall recovery time. It also reduces recoil build-up and maximum recoil by 10%.

1) Skyler + Jota + Jai + D-bee

Jota restores 20% HP on a knock down (Image via Free Fire)
  • Jota: Sustained Raids
  • Jai: Raging Reload
  • D-bee: Bullet Beats

When players hit opponents with firearms, Jota’s Sustained Raids restores health. When you knock down an opponent, you will regain 20% of your HP.

Jai’s Microchip is available in the store (Image via Free Fire)

Earlier this year, Jai was deleted from the game. After the recent update, his ability has been made more accessible, and users can purchase Jai’s Microchip from the in-game store.

When the user uses Raging Reload, the weapon’s magazine is reloaded by 45 percent once an enemy is knocked down. This, however, only applies to AR, SMG, SG, and Pistols.

D-bee is great for SMG users (Image via Free Fire)

D-prowess bee’s When players shoot while moving, Bullet Beats improves accuracy and movement speed by 15% and 35%, respectively.

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