For beginners, the best free fire sensitivity settings are those that allow them to aim precisely


Aiming is a crucial component in shooter video games, and Garena Free Fire is no exception. Free Fire is a battle royale shooter that necessitates a high level of movement and aim precision.

By sweating it out on Batou Training Island, one can grasp tactical aspects such as mobility. Beginners, on the other hand, may feel unsteady while shooting, making it a difficult nut to crack.

As a result, newcomers can experiment with modifying their sensitivity and practicing with the new settings in Free Fire to achieve accurate aiming outcomes.

How to fine-tune the sensitivity settings in Free Fire for pinpoint accuracy in aiming

Ideal sensitivity to aim precisely (Image via Free Fire)

In Free Fire, there are six sensitivity options to choose from, each of which impacts distinct movements. There are three different types of these: general, scope, and free look.

Character movement in the game is dominated by general sensitivity, while swiping while aiming is controlled by the ones for scope attachments. Similarly, the Free Look sensitivity allows you a 360° view of the surroundings.

Players should concentrate on scope sensitivity for precise aim, and keep them dropping as their zooming capability increases. They can select the sensitivity from the following ranges:

Practice hard in practice mode

Practice mode provides excellent assistance in mastering the aim (Image via Free Fire)

Beginners should go straight to Batou Training Island after changing their sensitivity settings (training mode). They have a variety of gun combinations to pick from, ranging from LMGs to SGs.

Different gun combinations with different attachments should be used to practice (Image via Free Fire)

Newcomers can test and practice with these combinations to learn about the firearms’ recoil patterns. They should also keep in mind that sensitivity is only a means to make aiming more comfortable, and players will need to practice in Free Fire’s training mode and in actual games to perfect it.

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