For BR mode, here are the top 5 Free Fire MAX character skills (November 2021)


Players can try out a variety of different modes in Free Fire MAX. Those looking for a more authentic survival experience might try the BR (Battle Royale) mode, in which players land on an island and compete to be the last man standing. Because each character in Free Fire has their own set of powers, players must choose wisely in order to improve their chances of survival.

The five finest characters skills for BR mode in Free Fire MAX are discussed in this article.

DJ Alok is one of the top five characters for BR mode in Free Fire MAX.

DJ Alok in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Drop the Beat is a skill (Active)

The ability of DJ Alok creates a 5m aura that enhances movement speed by 10% and heals 5 HP every second. At its lowest level, the skill has a total duration of five seconds. A 45-second cooldown period applies to this ability.

2) Maro

Maro in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Falcon Fervor is a skill (Passive)

Maro’s Falcon Fervor talent allows users to increase the amount of damage they deliver as they move closer to the target. In addition, the damage dealt to designated foes increases by 1%. In BR mode, the increased damage is useful in action-packed bouts. The character may be purchased from the in-game store for a total of 499 diamonds.

3) Luqueta

Luqueta in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Hat Trick is a skill (Passive)

Effect: Luqueta possesses one of the most useful skills in the BR mode for players. With each kill, his skill increases the user’s HP by ten points. At its highest level, the maximum HP obtained is 50. Players can restore up to 25 HP each kill after upgrading their character.

Clu in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Tracing Steps is a skill (Active)

Clu’s ability allows her to find foes within a 50-meter radius who are not in a prone or crouched position. The skill has a duration of five seconds and a cooldown of 75 seconds at its lowest upgrade level. The location of the adversary player is communicated with teammates.

5) Jota

Jota in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Sustained Raids is a skill (Passive)

Jota’s ability helps players regain some HP when they use a gun and hit an opposing player. When an adversary is knocked down, the player can regain 10% of their health. In the Free Fire MAX store, Jota costs 499 diamonds or 8000 gold.

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