For Day 4, get a free Cricket Master bat skin by logging in with your Fire Diwali pass


Free Fire players are ecstatic that the game’s Diwali festivities have begun. Individuals have the ability to earn various incentives by engaging in them.

Diwali Pass is one of the events that started on November 2nd and will end on November 8th. To activate it, players must spend 99 diamonds, after which they can collect the numerous time-limited gifts.

Free Cricket Master skin for Day 4 of the Diwali Pass login rewards in Free Fire

Today is the fourth day since the pass started in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Users must log in for seven days to receive a trial version of various goodies in the Daily Login Rewards section. They will receive a free permanent Gloo Wall – Spikey Spine skin after claiming all of them. If a player is missing an item, they can purchase it with diamonds.

They will receive a one-day trial of the Cricket Master skin today, the fourth day. The following are the steps to claiming it:

1) To access the events section, gamers must first launch Free Fire on their smartphones and then press the “Diya” symbol.

2) Next, they should click on the “Diwali Pass” event and tap the “Go To” button to get redirected to the event interface.

Tap on the “Go To” option to get the rewards (Image via Free Fire)

3) In Free Fire, individuals can finally claim the trial version of the skin.

The Diwali pass includes two additional incentives in addition to the Daily Login Rewards:

Play games to win prizes.

They are guaranteed to get the grand prize in 20 spins (Image via Free Fire)

Users must spin the wheel to receive the prizes in this event. Each day, players will be given five chances, with the Grand Prize of Bolly Party skin assured after 20 tries. As a result, they can get it in four days if they play five times a day.

Every day’s purpose and shopping

Daily missions need to be completed by the players (Image via Free Fire)

Players can earn tokens by completing daily objectives, which they can then use to claim a variety of goodies, including the AC80- Royal Warrior, Weapon Royale Voucher, and Diamond Royale Voucher.

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