For Free Fire’s Factory Challenge in July 2021, below are the top 5 passive abilities.


The Factory Challenge has been one of Free Fire‘s most popular custom room challenges, offering a fun and exciting match among friends. Content creators developed this game mode where players battle on the Factory’s roof (a spot on the Bermuda map) with bare fists or melee weapons.

Players can select any character to play this challenge and they possess unique skills which can be classified into active and passive categories. Passive abilities are beneficial because of their zero cooldown period. However, not every skill can benefit players in this challenge.

Therefore, this article will share the most potent passive abilities that will be best-suited for Free Fire’s Factory Challenge in July 2021.

Most powerful passive abilities for Free Fire’s Factory Challenge in July 2021

5) Art of Blades

Elite Hayato, also called Hayato Firebrand, has a passive ability called Art of Blades. This ability retains Hayato’s original skill, while also decreasing the frontal damage by 1% for every 10% reduction of max HP at its base level.

This ability is helpful for players since it decreases the amount of damage they take from opponents during fistfights.

4) Hat Trick

Luqueta possesses a passive ability known as Hat Trick. At its default level (level 1), this skill improves the max HP by eight per kill. The maximum HP that players can restore is 35.

Luqueta’s ability is quite beneficial during the squad Factory Challenge as it adds extra HP.

3) Crazy Slayer

Miguel’s ability is beneficial for several rounds of gameplay in the Factory Challenge. Miguel’s ability Crazy Slayer grants the player 30 EP for each kill at its base level.

Throughout the match, the EP recovered will gradually improve the player’s HP level.

2) Dash

Kelly’s passive ability is known as Dash. Though Kelly’s ability does not notably boost the player’s movement speed, it does provide a minor advantage over the enemy by increasing speed when fistfighting.

It boosts the player’s sprinting speed by 1%, and this enhanced speed aids players to be much quicker during fistfights.

1) Muay Thai

Kla is undoubtedly the most potent character for Factory Challenge. At its default level, he possesses a passive ability known as Muay Thai, which boosts fist damage by 100%. (level 1).

Kla’s ability is perfect for fistfights since he can take down opponents with just a single blow.Note: This list is not in any particular order or ranking and shows the writer’s personal opinions.

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