For new players, these are the top 5 free fire gloo wall tips


Users can use Garena Free Fire’s unique features to obtain a tactical advantage in the game. Gloo walls are an example of in-game tools that are mostly used to defend against enemies. Players can use gloo walls for a variety of functions in addition to protection.

Many video makers have popularized a variety of gloo wall methods that can be used to create a diversion or a staircase to get to inaccessible areas. The majority of players that do such stunts are pros, but with enough effort, even a novice may pull them off.

Garena Free Fire: The finest gloo wall deployment techniques for new players
The following are the top five tips and tactics to remember when deploying Free Fire gloo walls:

1) Reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone.

Players should not deploy gloo walls unnecessarily (Image via Garena)

In Free Fire, players will discover plenty of shattered walls, trees, immovable cars, and rocks to use as cover on several maps. They will be able to avoid using gloo walls if they employ cover. This will benefit them in the long term because it is better to employ naturally spawned items instead of one’s own resources.

2) Perfect time is required for placement.

Deployment’s timing is crucial (Image via OP GAMEPLAY/YouTube)

It’s critical to set up a gloo wall before the adversary fires. Even if the players have been seen and have taken some damage, they should use the gloo walls in the correct direction. Players will be able to dodge further damage while regaining their health if they deploy in the correct direction.

3) When rushing or fleeing, a gloo wall is essential.

One should use gloo wall in Free Fire to escape (Image via OP GAMEPLAY/YouTube)

It is dangerous not to employ a shield when moving with enemies close. When there are adversaries in the area, moving around carelessly increases the possibilities of being shot and receiving damage. As a result, in a Free Fire match, erecting a gloo wall before rushing or fleeing is safer and more important.

4) Staircase placement

A stair of gloo walls (Image via TITANIUM LIVE/YouTube)

To get to the higher constructions in the game, stack gloo walls one on top of the other to make a stair-like structure. As a result, gloo wall steps are important for camping in Free Fire, and this method is particularly useful for sniper masters.

5) Master the 360-degree gloo wall skill.

360° gloo wall trick (Image via OP GAMEPLAY/YouTube)

The 360° gloo wall trick is perhaps the trick that new players find the most hardest to master. It does, however, provide a higher pay-off because it allows one to defend from several adversaries shooting from all four directions.

Only by practicing in a real match against real opponents can one learn the trick. Players must rotate their crosshair 360 degrees while tapping the gloo wall button to effectively cover themselves from all sides.

More information about the 360° gloo wall trick may be found here.

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