For notable appearances, Messi-Aguero was given keepsakes.


On Friday, AFA president Claudio Tapia surprised Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero with souvenirs. Tapia summoned the pair individually after presenting them with Argentina jerseys during the team’s practice session.

Messi wore the number 148 on his Argentina shirt to mark his record appearance with the team, which he took over from Javier Mascherano during the encounter against Bolivia. The number 100 was placed on the back of Aguero’s shirt to commemorate his 100th appearance for Argentina, which he also accomplished during the Bolivia encounter.

The expiration of Messi’s Barcelona contract was a key talking point ahead of Argentina’s quarterfinal encounter against Ecuador. The Argentine captain, on the other hand, was in a pleasant mood when he went to get a haircut with Alejandro Papu Gomez.

Messi’s new haircut as he gets ready for the Copa America quarterfinals against Ecuador. Photo: Twitter

According to Sport, a Barcelona-based publication, Barca is aiming to sign Messi to a long-term contract with the possibility of him becoming an ambassador in the future. Messi’s pay has been the largest roadblock to his registration as a new signing thus far.

Barca president Joan Laporta discovered that the club’s earnings dropped dramatically (300 million euros) owing to the pandemic last season, and that the pay cost was excessive.

The club is required to significantly reduce the salary of its players. The pre-pandemic cap for 2019-20 was 671 million, but it now needs to be decreased by more than 200 million.

Messi’s contract is the most lucrative. As a result, the club is considering a long-term contract with two years as a player and another as an ambassador, maybe while still playing in Major League Soccer.

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