For Season 5, COD Mobile has added a new Operator Skill: K9 Unit.


Season 5 of COD Mobile is just a day away from becoming live, and there have been a slew of official announcements for all gamers who are eagerly awaiting the content drop that will accompany the impending season update.

Season 5 will witness the launch of a brand new Battle Pass with a fresh theme, just like every other season. The concept for COD Mobile has already been announced as naval and sea-themed, with many underwater-themed things being added to the game.

Gamers who purchase the themed Battle Pass will gain access to a variety of special cosmetics, including four new Operators and five new Epic blueprints, while free-to-play players will gain access to a few items that are required for the following season.

Among the freebies will be the newest Operator skill that COD Mobile announced earlier today: the K9 Unit.

Veterans of Call of Duty know how lethal the single-hound Operator skill can be. The K9 Unit was first introduced as a Black Ops 4 exclusive to Nomad’s character. Juneau, a dog that players could deploy, would just go on a rampage throughout the map, killing foes with a single bite.

The K9 Unit will also be inherited by COD Mobile. The K9 Unit will be accessible in respawn modes on all maps and will only be available in multiplayer. Unfortunately, there are usually no effective counters for Operator talents, leaving players with no choice but to run and avoid being bitten.

How to unlock the K9 Unit in COD Mobile?

K9 Unit will be added to tier 14 of the new Season 5 Battle Pass once it is launched. Free-to-play players will have to grind all fourteen tiers to be able to unlock the Operator skill.

Players who purchase the premium Battle Pass and the Battle Pass bundle will automatically unlock thirteen tiers, after which it is a simple one-tier grind. But of course, they can also purchase any tier in exchange for in-game currency.

Watch the video below to see the application of the K9 Unit in COD Mobile multiplayer matches:

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